Lindsay Lohan is pretty, witty and still gay (and bitter)

Remember the controversy surrounding Lindsay Lohan’s supposed 11-hour tardiness to a photo shoot, as captured by Bravo’s nascent celeb photography reality show Double Exposure? Regardless of whether she was actually late or it was a “set-up,” LiLo finally shows up to the shoot on last night’s episode, “I’m Gonna Smash the Ringflash,” and spreads a little gay humor around her stripper-pole set.

Amid agent-producer Jorge Perez flipping out over being $100,000 in the hole thanks to Lohan’s unwavering commitment to fashionable lateness, LiLo traipses onto set, cigarette and studded leather vest in tow, ready to shoot the damn thing already. Photographer Markus Klinko immediately fawns over her “look” and how talented she is for putting the outfit together. Leggings and a vest? Try raiding the wardrobe of ever girl I’ve ever dated. Not very original.


Klinko continues to dote on Lindsay, the lioness at the watering hole of his wildlife photo shoot, which instantly calls to mind myriad Mean Girls references. Surprisingly though, Lindsay is nervous to be in front of so many people, and it’s actually kind of cute. She cowers in a corner and just wants to stay in her closet, but wait, she snorts, “I already f—-d that up!”

A “rock ‘n roll” photo shoot is apparently not complete without a pole, and the moment Lindsay strikes a pose, the room erupts in “OMG, amazing!” and, “That is beautiful” and, “You smell like a baby prostitute!”

Photographer Indrani marvels, “Lindsay, you are the most beautiful woman in the world,” to which LiLo replies, “Tell Samantha that.” Whoa, hey now, passive-aggressive much? Samantha Ronson really broke that girl’s heart, eh?

Lindsay rewards Indrani and her kind words with a long embrace and a “Seriously, I love you,” which really means, “I’m having a small, non-alcoholic get-together at my hotel room tonight — fauxmosexuals only — and you better be one of them, biotch.” Indrani is clearly, like, in love with Lindsay or something, and gushes, “Lindsay’s one of those girls that — there’s just something incredibly hot about her,” which makes Indrani want to “get to know her.” Interesting. You can watch that and the Samantha comment in the video clip below.


We all know, now, that Lindsay has denied romantic involvement with Indrani, and was in a Twitter argument with her after last week’s episode. I guess we’ll have to do as Bravo says: “Watch what happens.”