“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 1.10 “Love Hurts”


The gift-giver: Yvonne knows what everyone wants.
The genuine: Nikki makes a heartfelt speech.
The grateful: Monica survives.

Breakfast time — Dominic tries to wake Yvonne Atkins (the newbie who arrived at Larkhall at the end of the last episode) for breakfast. She’s wearing a mask and has earplugs in, so she doesn’t hear him knocking on the door. He goes in to wake her up. Yvonne thinks his is a pretty nice face to wake up to.

Yvonne: I’ve been here almost a fortnight. Where have you been hiding yourself?
Dominic: I’ve been on holiday.
Yvonne: Oh, really? Anywhere nice?

I love the way Yvonne just sort of gets comfy, as if she’s ready to have a good chat — even though she’s in her nightie. And is in prison, talking to a screw. Way to look on the bright side! Also, I kind of dig your accent so far, Yvonne.

Dominic went to Rhyl for his holiday. I once dated someone who lived there. She was sort of ashamed to be from there, so I don’t know what to think of Dominic’s vacation standards.

Dom gets a little annoyed with Yvonne’s lusty looks and insists that she get out of bed. She calls him “gorgeous” and makes a big show of staring at his ass as he leaves. Yep, I like you, Yvonne!

Monica’s cell — Do you still have your pills, Monica? Yes? Good to know. We’ve all missed them, having become so very familiar with them in the last episode. Thank you for transferring them from the toothpaste tube to a piece of pink cloth. They deserve all the love and affection you can give them.

Her casa is his casa — Helen is getting ready for work. Sean tells her Simon called yesterday; at first she thinks he means her boss, Simon Stubberfield. But he’s referring to a friend of theirs who wants to use the flat while they’re on their honeymoon. Sean has given his permission — never mind that it’s not his flat. Helen doesn’t seem pleased.

Helen: Whatever you say.
Sean: Well, hang on.
Helen: [brushing past him] I’m late.

Gosh, Sean, whatever can that mean? Do you ever get the feeling that maybe Helen doesn’t really like you all that much, let alone want to marry you? You do look a little startled, so maybe it’s finally starting to sink in.

Breakfast — Yvonne is smoking and relaxing and surveying the crowd. Nice French inhale, Yvonne.

Zandra sits with Monica, Crystal and Nikki. Zan says Monica will soon be eating in posh restaurants, but Monica doesn’t think she should be so sure that her appeal will work out. Well, not if you pop those pills first, you mean.

Julie S. stops by with a petition to get open visits reinstated. (I got this wrong in the last recap: “Closed visits” doesn’t mean no visits at all; it means no touching and a glass divider between inmate and visitor.)

Julie S.: [to Crystal] And you. You just better stay out my way, because I could smack your face for what you said to that newspaper.

Could you? ‘Cause I’d kind of enjoy that.

Julie S. says Nikki’s going to take the petition up to Miss Stewart.

Julie S.: You think she’s really on our side. Don’tcha, Nik?
Nikki: Wouldn’t count on it.
Julie S.: Hey?
Nikki: Don’t think Helen Stewart’s on anyone’s side except her own.
Julie S.: I thought you really liked her.
Nikki: Yeah? Well, think again.

Nikki says if she delivers the petition, Helen will just rip it up. Julie S. looks thoroughly confused. You know how love is, Julie: It makes people crazy and morose. Especially when you know what you’re missing.