16 Lesbian and Bisexual Badasses We Love

Our brothers at AfterElton.com recently highlighted 13 of their favorite gay badasses, and we were so inspired by their list of tough queer guys that we decided to make our own list of tough queer gals. We (barely) narrowed it down to 16 lesbian and bisexual women who wield various weapons — from guns to scalpels to hologram machines to steely glares — on their badass quests of badassery.

Some of these women save the world. Some of them just want to blow it up. We don’t care. We just think they’re sexy (and mighty!).

Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster), D.E.B.S.

Badass credentials — She’s the most dangerous criminal in all the world! No one meets Lucy Diamond and lives to tell about it. She can blow up a continent with the touch of a button, rob a bank with one hand tied behind her back, scale a wall with nothing more than two plastic suction cups. The only thing that can conquer Lucy Diamond is her affection for Amy. But, even in her loved-up bliss, she’s not afraid to punch you in the face.

Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin), Bones

Badass credentials — She may not carry a gun, a badge or an entire suitcase full of doctorates, but Angela Montenegro is magic. She can rebuild a skull from a photo, repair a hard drive with her smile, reconstruct a murder scene in her very own office because the woman built a hologram machine with her bare hands. (Patent pending.)

Kate Kane/Batwoman, Detective Comics

Badass credentials — When Kate Kane is not training to kick your ass, she is disguised as Batwoman, kicking your ass. Weapons? She’s not scared of ’em. Riddles? Not scared of those either. Psychopathic, megalomaniac literary characters running a bloodthirsty coven of crime? She thrives on it. Oh, and you know that whole evil villain monologue thing? She doesn’t have time for that crap. "Whatever." KAPOW!