11 female TV characters who need their own comic books

What? How’d that comic book of Heather Hogan and Amy Pond sneak into this post? Oh, right — because it would be the best comic in the entire world!

Drawings by Rin of RophyDoes.com.


At least it’d be something to look at when I’m in the corner, sobbing and rocking back and forth about how there’s never going to be a Veronica Mars movie. (Sometimes I also cry about Piz. What was that? What kind of name is “Piz”?)


They changed Darrens in the middle of the show and no one even noticed/cared! Samantha is like Hermione 1.0 — Granger-lite, if you will.


But Heather Hogan, I thought you said the characters had to be straight?! That is what I said, but I make the rules! (Rules help control the fun!) And I’ve lost all sense of objectivity where Naomi and Emily are concerned! I wear this “F” on my chest for “Fangirl” the way Hester Prynne wore her “A” for adultery! (We’re both whores, is what I am saying. Hester for a preacher, Heather for a TV show.)

Naomily art by the super talented elaineK. Check out more of her stuff on DeviantArt.

Now, gently, gently, gently tell me who I missed. Also, you’d read every one of these comics, wouldn’t you? You know you would.