“Saturday Night Live” gives us good news, bad news

This week was a good news, bad news scenario if you’re a lady and you like Saturday Night Live. This being a Friday, and you being thisclose to your weekend, let’s start with the happy stuff first. I don’t know if you’ve slipped out early and are three cocktails into your evening already and if you pass out I want you to pass out with happy thoughts in your head. Wait, where was I?

Right, the good news: All-around awesome lady Amy Poehler will host the season premiere of SNL on Sept. 25. Who has two thumbs, two legs and is using all four of them to flail around in uncoordinated but heartfelt joy? This girl! Also, am I the only one who hopes like crazy that Amy brings back her one-legged model, Amber? “Yeah, I farted. Jealous?” And if they don’t have Amy rap in at least one sketch it will be a crime.

Amy has more than earned the honor of opening up the new season. Her show, Parks and Recreation, was the most-improved sophomore show of last season (Boo, Emmys for not nominating it for best comedy, boo!), and her Leslie Knope is one of the most endearing government bureaucrat to be put on screen.

Now the bad news. You still with us? You still sober? SNL castmember Jenny Slate has been fired after only one season. Jenny had a somewhat inauspicious start on the late-night sketch show. She dropped an accidental F-bomb live on air. But she lived to survive that faux pas and portray, among others Hoda Kotb and the woman who sells the car horns/door bells.

Abby Elliott Nasim Pedrad, who was hired at the same time as Jenny, was kept on the cast. But Jenny’s firing comes after last season’s dual firing of the previous two newest female cast members: Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins. Geez, SNL, give a gal a chance.

It was previously announced the Will Forte had decided to leave the show as well. In their stead four new cast members have been added: Taran Killam, Paul Brittain, Jay Pharoahand Vanessa Bayer. For the record, that’s three boys and one girl. Looks like Kristen Wiig is going to be in a lot of sketches next season.

Now, I liked Jenny. In fact I found her much more memorable than Nasim, who I honestly cannot remember a single sketch from. Wait, that is a lie: She had a funny sketch where she was a teenager who was way too into her mom, played by Tina Fey. But that might be on account of the Tina Fey. Also perhaps I’m just biased because Jenny created my go-to mood lifter of the moment: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.

We’ll miss you, Jenny. But now that you have more free time can you please create more Marcel shorts? They’re better than Prozac. After watching that you won’t even need a TGIF cocktail to end your night. Oh, who am I kidding, go get your drink on.