“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (1.10): Janie’s Got a Gun

Bobby says he is going to come out looking like the hero for killing the bad guys, but not until after he kills Jane, Maura and Frankie. I’m just relieved he hasn’t seen Bass. Because I can forgive a lot of things, but killing a beloved pet isn’t one.

Maura sneakily pushes the walkie talkie against the autopsy table so everyone can hear what’s happening. Work those heels, honey. Bobby conveniently lays out his whole plan and nefarious deeds for the detective on the other end to hear. And before he can shoot our girls he gets called out by Korsak.

Korsak tells him it is over, which of course is Rule No. 3 of cop shows: it’s never over when you say it’s over. Maura has her hand on Jane’s back. (The touching, I’m clinging to the touching.) But Bobby takes Jane hostage anyway and Maura reaches out to stop it. Jane reassured her it’ll be OK. Oh, this gun pointed at my head? It’s nothing dear.

Just as Bobby drags Jane away, SWAT arrives and Maura tells them to help Frankie. Bobby busts out the front door with Jane as his shield. Really, not a side exit or, say, the back door which you were standing right beside? Drama queen.

Jane is yelling about Frankie and telling everyone to shoot. OK, remember before when I said Jane did the bravest, butchest thing I’d ever seen? I lied. This is the bravest, butchest thing I’ve ever seen.

Yes, she shoots Bobby through herself. Butch up, Olivia Benson, there’s a new most badass female cop on television and her name is Jane Rizzoli. Maura runs out at the same time and her face, oh ladies, her face. And then Jane’s face. Her eyes close and the screen faded to black.

Granted, we know Jane can’t die. But, still, making us wait an entire year to see what kind of hole Jane just blew into herself is just cruel. Though we can all take comfort in all the fan-fic that is sure to feature Maura tenderly attending to Jane’s wounds and nursing her back to health. Plus, Maura doesn’t even have to play at being a doctor. Though, it’s probably more fun if they do anyway.