“Thintervention” recap 1.3: Stairway to hell

Alright people, I’m not really sure what is going on with Thintervention but it seems as though the trainees have taken control of the show and so far Jackie and Craig haven’t been able to crack these nuts.

Stacy, the young comedian, wants to lose 11 pounds this week to make up for her lackluster performance last week. Joe wants to drop five pounds "like Jackie drops her pants at a gay bar." Joe must be letting Stacy write his jokes for him.

Jackie and Craig have a meeting of the skinny good-looking blonde trainer minds and decide they’re going to turn up the intensity and try to break down walls by pushing the contestants hard. Hmmm, where have I seen this before?

When they step into the gym, Jackie tells everyone she is not playing today, she’s in a bad mood.

Jackie Wisdom: Most of us walk through life pushing down the pain. Now we’re going to confront that pain.

Unfortunately, the lesson is kind of lost on everyone because Nikki is nowhere in sight. Most likely she’s paying out her bar tab at the lounge around the corner. To pay for her sins, Jackie makes everyone else continue their cardio while they wait.

When Nikki arrives, she appears to still be at least somewhat crocked out of her gourd. She tells Jackie it wasn’t the alcohol that made her late, she’s been stuck at home with a case of “food poison” (which came out in a drunken slur and basically means the olives in her martini didn’t sit too well).

This makes Jackie livid and she goes off on a swearing spree, which makes Nikki’s face turn to this:


While not a great look, it is a really impressive sidewinder.