“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 64-66

Episode 64 kicks off with Julia and Alma sitting on a couch, T-A-L-K-I-N-G. Julia is confused about her confusion regarding the decision she finally made. You know, the one in which she decided between Mariana and Armando by choosing them both.


Even though Julia starts off this whole conversation by announcing that Mariana and Armando ran her off the premises with pitchforks and torches, she’s still asking Alma whether she thinks this whole threesome thing might work out. They decide the world is not quite ready yet for Julia’s revolutionary, polyamourous desires.

Meanwhile, Mariana is also riding on Julia’s choo-choo train of confusion except she’s on the car marked “WTF” while Julia is perpetually in the one reserved for the Queen of Tergiversation.


Hernan helps by offering to share tales of threeway love from his days as a hippy.

Mariana: Yeah, but how many old hippies do you know that still live in trios?

He can’t think of any and neither can I because I don’t actually know any hippies.

The depth of Mariana’s suffering is so deep and vast that Hernan shrugs helplessly and decides to help by leaving her to go buy sodas so that Mariana can suffer in peace.


Armando isn’t suffering quite as deeply because this is the sort of stuff going around in his brain:


Except he’s not really into the idea of a threesome with Mariana so he wakes up all distraught.