Amber Tamblyn steps in for Olivia Wilde on “House”

File this under least enviable replacement job ever: Amber Tamblyn will fill in for Olivia Wilde on House while the latter is on hiatus filming back-to-back movies.

According to TV Guide, The Joan of Arcadia/Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star will play begin playing medical student Martha M. Masters in episode 6. Who wants to put money on House calling her 3M or M&M or something really dirty involving the letter M?

Her character is described by House regular Jesse Spencer (Dr. Chase) as “all wide-eyed and moralistic, and Chase loves watching House devour her. He takes her to the cleaners and it’s hilarious.” Gosh, who doesn’t House take to the cleaners? Tormenting people is basically his modus operandi.

But I do like Amber so I hope she can make Martha, who is also called “a socially awkward kid who was always a little ahead of everyone else,” more than just House’s latest punching bag. Also, if you’re wondering about Amber’s playing gay credentials given Olivia’s bisexual turn on House, well, she kissed Sophie Monk in Sping Breakdown, so I guess that’s something.

As for the woman she is replacing, Olivia just finished filming Cowboys & Aliens with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. She has a slew of movies coming out including this winter’s highly anticipated Tron Legacy and then the indie comedy Butter. She is also slated to play opposite Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in the body-swapping comedy The Change-Up.

Olivia has also signed on to play – get this – Justin Timberlake’s mom in an untitled sci-fi thriller. If the thought of Olivia (age 26) playing the mother of Justin (age 29) makes your head explode, please know that the film in question is about a society where aging stops at 25 — so I guess it only makes my head partially explode.

Olivia is still expected to return to House before the season’s end. But with so many big projects in the shoot and a replacement in position, I have to wonder if her days at Princeton-Plainsboro are numbered. So what do you think? Will Thirteen be back? Is Amber a worthy successor?