Sarah Shahi’s legal series gets a new name, start date

If you’ve been counting each agonizing day since the last time Sarah Shahi graced your television screen, you now know when you can finally stop counting. The former The L Word star’s new USA network legal series has been given a premiere date: Jan. 20.

According to Variety, USA has also given Sarah’s show, formerly called Facing Kate, a new name. It will now be called Fairly Legal. From Facing Kate to Fairly Legal? Um, no – that sounds like a smut magazine about almost underage girls, now a show about an attorney who leaves her practice to become a legal mediator.

But, hey, it puts Sarah back on the small screen so perhaps I should stop complaining. It also apparently puts Sarah in a Risky Business-style button-up shirt and no pants, as Sarah posted from her Vancouver set. So, you know, carry on.

Fairly Legal will air at 9 p.m. Thursdays, following the doctor-to-the-rich series Royal Pains. Sarah will play Kate Reed, “a top litigator who, frustrated with the bureaucracy and injustice she witnesses in legal system, decides to become the ultimate anti-lawyer: a mediator.” She will resolve all kinds of conflicts from business disputes to divorces.

Joining her in the cast will be Virginia Williams, Michael Trucco and Baron Vaughn. Sarah has also posted set photos with co-stars Williams and Trucco. Looks like they drink a lot of coffee, maybe they should have called the show Legally Caffeinated.

So, are you excited about the start of Fairly Legal? Are you excited about the new name? Or are you mainly just excited to see Sarah without pants? Discuss.