Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode One

Just then they hear voices coming in the front door. Facebook-Chloe is back from work with a friend and Tess makes Ed hide under the bed with her.

Ed: We’ll just have to tell her we’re here; you said it wasn’t a big deal.
Tess: Well I lied; of course it’s a big deal, get under the bed.

Facebook-Chloe comes in with a girl and immediately they begin having sex on the bed. They moan within a couple of seconds (which seems really very quick). We take against Chloe immediately when she does a manic laugh during the throes of passion. We can already tell that Tess is far too good for her.

Cut to Ed and Tess under the bed and Tess is beyond pained and makes a break for it crawling past the bed just as Chloe is going down on the girl who opens her eyes and sees Tess.

Chloe: What the hell are you doing here?

Sarah: Oh god. I hate her voice.
Lee: I bet the majority of her friends are actually on Facebook.
Sarah: So people don’t need to hear that voice. I hope she’s never in this again.

It turns out that the girl underneath Chloe is Shona from Spanish class so Tess realises that Chloe had cheated on her. To make it worse, Chloe is wearing the dress that Tess wants for her audition; Tess demands it and runs out.

Cat leaves her office building to go to a meeting cautiously looking around for Frankie just as she turns the corner towards her.  You can see just how tall Ruta Gedmintas is here.

Cat: What do you want Frankie?
Frankie: To talk to you.
Cat: You didn’t think to call first and ask if it was okay?
Frankie: I thought you might say no.
Cat: So you went ahead and just turned up anyway? I can’t talk now.

Cat rushes off clumsily, bumps into someone, and as she walks away Frankie bends down and picks up the purse that she’s dropped.

Tess runs to her audition for Refresh face cream. There is a comedy changing scene as she ladders her tights, then rips the red silk dress she just humiliated herself for. They knock for her and she is clearly frazzled and is still putting up her hair as she goes into the audition past a line of judgey, polished girls who look like they were always destined to advertise Refresh face cream.

The following scene is very amusing. Fiona Button’s performance is top notch funny. As the casting director asks her to make sure she sounds “refreshed” and “aggrieved at the prospect of dry skin” while repeatedly calling her Trish, Tess becomes increasingly manic and then bursts into tears. 

Lee: When you write it like that, it sounds upsetting.
Sarah: But it isn’t, its funny — everyone this is comedy gold.
Lee: Tess might be my favourite after that scene.
Sarah: Don’t pick favourites yet, it’s far too soon.
Lee: I’ll say this though — I don’t think she got that audition.