Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode One

Like a much needed distraction, Sam’s phone goes — she has to leave for work. They both know this wasn’t an ideal meeting on any level but Cat suggests they could do it again and although Sam is quite stony faced, we suspect they will.

Jay tells Frankie that it’s serious with Becky, that she’s “tamed the sex beast.”

Sarah: Jay is actually alright, he is a bit of a twat but I can imagine as a friend, he’d be entertaining
Lee: Yes, on paper he kind of sounds more of a knob, but Emun Elliot is playing it with more humour — like Jay actually knows he’s a knob, which makes it better.

Frankie says that she has never been very good at the special friend thing. Jay asks delicately if she is still batting both ways:

Frankie: Men come in handy occasionally when there isn’t a woman around.

Jay looks a little too intense for our liking at this …

Cat enters Rubies and sees the troops having shots of fun.  She and Frankie lock eyes and Cat leaves — Frankie looks troubled and hits the bottle.

It’s the morning after and on Glasgow’s main streets Tess and Ed are dressed in yellow crocs, orange tights and a fizzy can costume promoting a drink called Ki Wizz. Lou Foster, the famous presenter and the face of Ki-Wizz talks to passers by. 

At work, Cat is angry with Jay for not telling her Frankie was back. Jay tells Cat that Frankie is back because her aunt has died, but that she doesn’t seem too upset by it. Well aren’t you an idiot Jay — even we can all tell you by now that Frankie isn’t the type of girl to open her blackened heart on such sensitive issues. Cat knows Frankie better and is clearly worried and wants to know where she is.

Tess overhears Lou crying in the toilets.

Sarah: Ha, Tess is dressed as a CAN, while she’s on the CAN

Tess tries to comfort Lou by telling her of her own recent inappropriate crying moments. Lou opens up that her married boyfriend has left her. When Tess tells Lou about facebook-Chloe’s hurtful ways, there’s a quick flicker across Lou Foster’s eyes suggesting that the girl in front of her dressed in orange being a lesbian is very good news indeed.

Lee: Well that has opened a CAN of worms, ha ha.
Sarah: I don’t think we should make any more can jokes.
Lee: I CAN’t help it.
Sarah: Seriously, no more …