“Thintervention” recap 1.8: Finally fierce

We did it! We made it to the end of the season! I think we all deserve a big pat on the back and a gift certificate to Old Country Buffet.

It’s been six weeks that the contestants have been at home with only themselves to keep each other motivated. I’m very interested to see how they’ve done – especially since over half of them couldn’t control themselves even under Jackie’s watchful six pack. On with the show!

Jackie and Craig arrive at the hotel for the final weigh-in and now everyone’s family and friends are gathered to see the final results. I have to make note (though I know some of you won’t like this), Jackie looks pretty damn good in her feminine little black number. I’m a fan.

Mandy is coming out first – but we’re going to check out her montage! By the time Jackie told that little birdie to spread her wings, Mandy only had eight more pounds to lose to accomplish her goals. Not only did she set out to achieve these goals, she also decided to take classes in order to get her trainer’s certification and has been helping her husband lose 23 pounds while practicing some odd mating rituals.

Her husband was so proud of her – he bought her a brand new car and took her out for sashimi. How do I get on this reward plan?

When she walks out to the weigh-in and she is a total babe. She looks a little tired, but she also looks really fierce.

Next up is Jeana. Jackie explains that Jeana didn’t know how to stick up for herself at the beginning of this program but hopefully changed after going home. Montage! It looks like Jeana has made some progress and started to take this losing-weight thing seriously. She bought herself some skinny jeans (which I still haven’t brought myself to do) and is now going to the gym with her son instead of lying in bed all day. We learn that Jeana is being more assertive, and it’s helping her relationship with her children – which was more necessary than the next drink I’m going to pour myself.

Bring that healthy body out here Jeana! She is looking good (there may be a little Botox thrown in for good measure)! So far, I’m jealous of both her and Mandy’s legs – they are of the Tina Turner caliber. You can tell she feels fantastic. Even her “personal chef” is in the crowd and is very proud of her.