“Coronation Street” recap: Lesbians on the Lam

Last time: Sophie and Sian were accused of walloping a kid called Aadi in the head; then they were accused of being lesbians. The second part was true. And Sophie came out to her dad.

This time: The morning after the wedding/Sophie coming out to her dad, Sally is cooking breakfast and you will be shocked to hear that she still hasn’t shut her gob about Claire and how she’s totally mental because Sophie is the straightest straight that Straight Town has ever produced. Rosie offers to do a little PR and set Sophie up with a Bieber lookalike — which is actually one of the funnest thing about this show: the pretty dead-on pop culture references. (ON A SOAP) — but Sophie and her dad exchange glances and tell Rosie to lock it down. (They don’t tell Sally to lock it down, obviously, because telling Sally to lock it down is like telling waves to stop crashing.)

Sophie cuddles up to her dad later and begs him not to tell Sally about how she’s gay. Kevin throws in a little "I love you, but maybe you’re just confused," and Sophie shoots him down by asking if he’s ever thought about kissing his best mates. He’s like, "NO!" And she’s all, "See? Kissing my best mate is ALL I thought about. You know you’re straight; I know I’m not."