Beyoncé comes back to the tube for Turkey Day

Turkey and Tofurky? Check. Loved ones gathered together? Check. Beyoncé’s live 90 minute special on television? And check.

In what one can only hope will soon become a real tradition, Beyoncé is returning to ABC Thanksgiving night (Nov. 25) at 9:30 PM. This time, she’ll be premiering the broadcast version of her upcoming release of I Am… World Tour DVD. Expect more of the flash and hits of last year’s live performance from Vegas, in what is being called a “front row seat to the most electrifying show on earth.”

I’ll buy that hype, and then some. Beyoncé’s DVD included her all female band, She Mama, and her back up singers The Mamas. Her costumes were designed by the French designer Thierry Mugler, who came out of retirement just for Lady B and became one of the creative advisers for the show. Beyoncé was inspired by the costumes Mugler had designed which were part of the “Superheroes, Fashion and Fantasy” gala event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2008, so you can be sure B will be rocking some fierce tights, sparkle, and maybe a cape or two.

The set list for the tour included hits from the album she was touring for, I Am Sasha Fierce, plus songs from B-Day and earlier albums. She also throws some interesting mash ups into the mix, including reported covers of Sarah McLaughlin’s “Angel” along with “Ave Maria.” And her cribbing of Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know,” as seen in her Grammy performance last year, was also part of the “I Am… World Tour.”

How many surprises will be shown on the broadcast are unknown, as the whole tour DVD will be on sale just a week after this premiere. One report says that viewers’ are treated to such sweet details as Beyoncé’s homemade sign “10 Day-z to Jay-Z” in her dressing room, and shots of her rehearsing in tube socks and heels.

This week a teaser clip of the DVD came out, which shows Beyoncé singing the Destiny’s Child hit “Say My Name.” She’s shown asking the audience in various cities “What’s your name?” in the native language of that country. Best moment? She holds the microphone out for one man to answer, and he shouts his name, which ends “hyphen Knowles!” Then he hands Beyoncé his license for authentication. Beyoncé arches a cool eyebrow and purrs, “Are you my cousin?” When the man shouts in response, she cocks that eyebrow higher and repeats, “You’re my husband?”


Please, honey, that’s my job. I mean, Jay-Zs job. I mean, is it Thanksgiving yet?