2010 Year In Review: Television


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Glee in our queer TV rewind. Brittany and Santana. Santana and Brittany. Are they friends? Friends with benefits? Soul mates? Heather Morris and Naya Rivera have played the two Cheerios as a little bit of all of those things. That coupled with their onscreen chemistry even launched a ship called Brittana.

Brittany and Santana have spoken openly about having sex with one another (making them both bisexual?), and this season they were even shown making out (neck-nuzzling, at least) in bed. Santana doesn’t want to have Brittany’s “lady babies” and Brittany now seems quite content dating Artie.

We’re not quite sure what to make of Brittana. They’re not quite a couple, but they’re way more than subtext.

And then there’s Jane Lynch. Sue Sylvester is not a lesbian on Glee, but Lynch was one of the highest profile out celebrities in 2010. She married her partner, Lara Embry, and spoke openly about her on nearly every one of her talkshow appearances. She introduced Embry on every red carpet, thanked Embry when she won her Emmy, and even made a guest appearance on iCarly because it is her step-daughter’s favorite show. She hosted Saturday Night Live and starred in a series of XBox commercials. Thanks to her success on Glee, Lynch was one of the highest profile lesbian celebrities in 2010.


Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Ilene Chaiken‘s The Real L Word was the most talked about reality show starring queer women in 2010. In an attempt to really capture the spirit of the way we live and love, Showtime followed Whitney, Mikey, Tracy, Rose, Nikki and Jill around the greater Los Angeles area, sometimes even invading their bedrooms. The show was controversial, but it was also really popular. Showtime has already announced a second season.

Other reality shows of note this year included America’s Next Top Model, which featured Kayla Ferrel, a 19-year-old lesbian ex-Hooters waitress from Rockford, Illinois; Tabatha’s Salon Takeover starring the sometimes surly/always right Tabatha Coffey; TLC’s Police Women of Memphis, a cop show that included newly-married lesbian officer Virgina Awkward; The Amazing Race, which showcased bickering lesbian couple Carol and Brandy; The Biggest Loser and Losing it with Jillian, which catapulted bisexual trainer Jillian Michaels to even greater stardom; and Top Chef Masters, featuring lesbian chefs Susan Feniger and Monica Pope. And lesbian mom and wife Sara Gilbert launched The Talk in the fall of 2010.