Is the “Wonder Woman” TV remake really going “Full Throttle?”

Suffering Sappho, no! What should be wondrous news – the pickup of a new Wonder Woman series for NBC – is potentially turning into an Amazonian nightmare. Seriously, it’s gotten my star-spangled hotpants all in a bunch.

First, the iconic female superhero reboot is being helmed by David E. Kelley. This is the man whose show Ally McBeal prompted the Time headline: “Is feminism dead“? Second, the rumor is the new Wonder Woman pilot will be directed by McG. This is the man whose resume includes those landmarks of feminist filmmaking Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Granted, Kelley and McG have their good points. Many people enjoyed Kelley’s Ally McBeal and his subsequent slick legal dramas The Practice and Boston Legal. And McG also filmed the pilot of Chuck and is the the executive producer for Supernatural and Nikita. But they don’t exactly have stellar feminist bona fides and are known more for their ability to create shiny, sexy productions. Not to get all Helen Reddy here, but is it too much to ask that a woman be behind the reboot of the most famous feminist superhero of all time?

I guess we should be grateful for the minor miracle of Wonder Woman making it back to the screen – large or small – at all. A planned feature film penned by Buffy mastermind Joss Whedon fizzled back in 2007 after the studio didn’t like his script. Then earlier this month it seemed that all hope was lost after every networks had passed on Kelley’s reimagining of Wonder Woman. But then new NBC entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt stepped in and scooped up the pilot script from the scrap pile.

According to, the project is a “reinvention” would take our lady of the lasso into modern day with all the problems of modern womanhood. Oh God, not Ally McWonder. As describes it:

“Wonder Woman – aka Diana Prince – is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.”

Kelley said at the TCA’s earlier this month that he is having fun writing the script and because of its complexity probably wouldn’t be ready for next season. He told the Los Angeles Times he was making her “a real complex woman and not just a superhero.”

OK, fine, a complex woman is good. But don’t forget to make her super. We need a hero just like the boys. Showing her struggle is great, but don’t forget to bring the empowerment. Lynda Carter left some big red boots to fill.

So now that this modern-day Amazon princess has arrived, what it needs is a strong lady to play its strong leading lady. When the project was first suggested, I offered up some picks including Eliza Dushku, Olivia Wilde, Katee Sackhoff (hair dye, folks), Evangeline Lilly, Michelle Rodriguez and Paula Patton. You all also suggested Legend of the SeekersBridget Regan, Beyonce, Lucy Lawless and Lauren Graham.

So, do you feel comfortable with Kelley and McG behind the invisible plane’s wheel? And what woman is worthy the wonder bustier?