“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 13 – “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)”

It’s a beautiful morning in Seattle. As Meredith rises for work she realizes Derek is already at the hospital and has begun work on his Alzheimer’s clinical trail. Alex assists Derek in the OR and we see them insert a placebo inside their patient’s brain. I’d be pissed if I had my brain cut open and saline was injected inside of me instead of medicine. At least sprinkle some pixie dust in there to give me a fighting chance!

Callie lies in bed next to Mark (isn’t this how all the trouble began?) and tells Mark that she’s pregnant with his baby. Mark is overwhelmed with excitement. Aww, that’s sweet. Now put a shirt on! Mark asks Callie if they should get married but she turns him down. That’s ok because Mark quickly remembers that he’s in love with Lexie (for this week anyway). Mark is worried about telling Lexie since the idea of having a Sloan Jr. ruined their relationship last time. Good luck buddy!

Callie then stops over at Arizona’s apartment to look at her beautiful face (which is covered in sadness tears) and see if they can work out their relationship. Arizona wants to talk to Callie without Callie interrupting her, walking out or saying their relationship is over. Callie agrees to listen.

Arizona, “I’m mad that you slept with someone else, and I know that we were broken up but still you slept with someone else. And I’m even madder that that person has a penis and I know that you’re bisexual, I know that.”

Callie says that in seven months the baby will be arriving and she wants Arizona to be in her life so she asks her flat out, “So are you in or are you out?” Arizona wipes her perfect tears made of unicorn smiles and salt and responds, “I’m in. I’m in. But you have to give me … I’m still so mad that you … so you have to give me a minute.”

At Seattle Grace Hospital, Chief looks out into a sea of interns and catches them all on their Blackberries, Droids and iPhones while he and Lexie are operating. The Chief scolds them for texting in the OR, but April explains that they aren’t texting (well, some of them probably are) they are following Bailey’s surgery on Twitter. Bailey’s interns are tweeting her surgery, so even those who aren’t in the OR with her know what’s happening. The Chief responds, “Twitter? What the hell is a Twitter?”  Then he says, “When I was your age I walked ten miles uphill, by myself, barefoot in the snow to get to school.”  (Ok, he didn’t say that last part, but I could tell he wanted to.)

Avery and Cristina are both fighting for Teddy’s attention so they can work on her surgery. As always, my money is on Cristina.

Callie and Mark discuss being McParents, and Callie explains that if Mark doesn’t want to be the baby’s father he has a “get out free card” and he can just be the “cool uncle” instead. Mark gets pissed and says he doesn’t want to be the “cool uncle” he wants to be the dad. The McParents should start saving money for their child’s therapy and anti-depressants fund.

Meredith confronts Derek for starting his Alzheimer’s clinical trail and sneaking out in the morning and not telling her about it. Then Alex shows up with a file and tells Derek about another patient waiting for him. Meredith freaks out that Alex is working with Derek instead of her. Derek and Alex exit, and Meredith yells down the hall and Derek, who responds by blowing her a kiss. If I was a patient at Seattle Grace, I wouldn’t feel comfortable if my doctors were screaming at each other and shooting air kisses around the corridors. Well, except for Arizona. I’d take an air kiss from her any day.

The Chief tracks down Bailey in the cafeteria and interrupts her “milkshake time.” Milkshake time? Why didn’t anyone tell me? When is “milkshake time” happening again?

The Chief tells Bailey to nix the tweeting in the OR.  He’s worried that broadcasting surgeries could cause legal problems (which I 100% agree with). If I die on the operating table, I don’t want Seattle Grace’s twitter followers to know I’m dead before my loved ones do. (p.s. when I go, I want to be cremated and sprinkled in Hillary Clinton’s shoes.)

Arizona pulls Teddy aside and tells her about the bun in Callie’s oven.  (I love fresh hot buns with lots of butter.)