Barbara Walters doesn’t mind the lesbian jokes

There are certain women that most people just can’t believe are straight: Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Tilda Swinton (maybe that’s just me) and, of course, Barbara Walters.

Lesbian jokes and rumors about Barbara Walters have been circulating for years. Often, Walters gets in on (or starts) them herself. Just yesterday on The View, she complimented guest Jennifer Aniston’s physique (“I mean, the body’s gorgeous.”), leading to this exchange with co-host Joy Behar:

Behar: We always tease her that she’s a big lesbian. Doesn’t know it.
Walters: Not true! Bisexual, whatever!

Aniston, who was on the show promoting her new film, Just Go With It, later told Babs, “You just got outed on The View!”

But that wasn’t the first time. In 2009, Walters “pretended” to make a pass at Whoopi Goldberg (who can also be added to that aforementioned list of supposed straight women), leading Behar, of course, to make a coming out joke, to which Walters made a reference to “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Later that year, she shared a kiss with Julianne Moore — for the second time.


And on a 2007 episode of The View, Walters apparently kept commenting about women she found attractive. “Call me gay, but I think Sarah Jessica Parker is adorable,” she said. What’s weird about that? I think SJP is adorable, too — said the lesbian.

In the handful of times I’ve actually watched The View, I can recall at least a few instances where there was some sort of joke or innuendo about Bab’s sexuality. I mean, she’s the boss, so it must not annoy her or anything, but really, why are people so convinced she’s gay? Is it because she’s a powerful, successful female figure and people think that her being single must mean she’s a secret lesbian? It must be the same for Oprah, who recently opened up to Walters’ about her own lesbian rumors.

At least Walters isn’t getting upset, and seems to have fun with the joke — over and over and over again.