Photos from Callie and Arizona’s big day on “Grey’s Anatomy”

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains promotional photos and plot description from the upcoming May 5 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. A lot of photos. Tons.

ABC has released a slew of photos from the big wedding between Dr. Calliope Torres and Dr. Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy. And when I say, “a slew of photos” I mean a whole scrapbook full from “I do” to “kiss the bride” and first dance. The episode, titled “White Wedding,” will air May 5. The plot description reads:

As Callie and Arizona’s wedding approaches, the couple quickly realize that the day they’ve been looking forward to is not turning out the way they’d envisioned. Meanwhile Alex continues to make the other residents jealous as he appears to be the top contender for Chief Resident, Meredith and Derek make a decision that will change their lives forever, and Dr. Perkins presents Teddy with a very tempting proposition, on Grey’s Anatomy.

Well, while things may not turn out as they envisioned, Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw look like visions in their white wedding dresses. Seriously, could they look more beautiful? And, bonus, no silly Friends hats. Oh, how the lesbian wedding has evolved.

When people say a bride is glowing, I’m sometimes skeptical. But in this case I think it’s safe to say Callie and Arizona are glowing so much they’re visible from space.

So much pretty is happening it needs to be seen up close.

And as impossible as it seems, the pictures get even better. We haven’t even gotten to the “You may kiss the brides” part yet.

I know. I had something in my eye right about then, too. Damn dust, always making you look all emotional.

At this point I feel we should take a small break from all this Calzona cuteness overload so as not to tax ourselves. Would you like to see some wedding guests? They’re not as glowy, but they’re still clean up nicely.

Yes, that’s Bailey officiating. Yes, she’s awesome. And now, if I’m not terribly mistaken, here are Arizona’s parents. He does look like a good man in a storm. And she, well she’s Designing Women’s Judith Ivey.

OK, but I’ve stalled enough. Who wants to see the first dance? I know, I know. Something’s in your eye again.

Stock up on dusters for May 5. And by “dusters,” I mean “Kleenex.”