“Nurse Jackie” splits up Coop’s two moms

You know how we promised to bring you recaps of any lesbian content in Nurse Jackie?

Well, this is it. And if you had hopes for a worthy follow-up to last season’s storyline for Dr. O’Hara (Eve Best), throw them out the window. I have seen the future — and the good doctor appears to be celibate.

I suppose that we had to focus on O’Hara and Jackie’s relationship to the exclusion of others, given the massive sense of betrayal O’Hara experienced when she realized the extent of Jackie’s addiction. But a little subtext would be nice, you know?

This week did mark the return of lesbian characters we’ve seen before, at least: Dr. Cooper’s moms, played by Judith Light (replacing Blythe Danner, who was unavailable) and Swoozie Kurtz.

They meet Coop for lunch to share some news.


Coop doesn’t take the news well. In his usual 8-year-old boy fashion, he runs away, taking a rowboat to the middle of a pond at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. His mothers try to lure him back and Coop accuses Mom Maureen of a dalliance with her assistant Dena.



Unfortunately, we won’t get to see Light and Kurtz again this season, although Coop spends the next episodes falling apart because of the divorce. As much as I wish the storyline didn’t have to do with the lesbian moms splitting up, the good news is that the divorce is treated exactly as it would have been if the parents were opposite sex. That’s equality, folks. And maybe we’ll see the pair again if Jackie returns for Season 4 — which, given the excellence of this season, it probably will.

Are you watching Nurse Jackie this season? What do you think so far?