Stevie Nicks talks Brittana, gay fans and “In Your Dreams” was recently invited to participate in a group interview with Stevie Nicks, who has been on tour in support of In Your Dreams, her first album in a decade. Nicks spoke to a group of LGBT journalists (their questions are also included below) about her extensive songbook, the current tour, her gay fan base and, of course, Glee.

When it was my turn to ask a question, I naturally led with Brittana. As you can see by her answer to that question and the others pertaining to the show, Nicks is a hardcore fan who is invested in all of the character’s storylines. In this engaging interview with six journalists who were all unabashed and longtime fans, Nicks talked about her musical career, her favorite song on the new CD and why she’s considering writing a memoir.

On when she first noticed that she had a significant LGBT following:

I mean, I have a lot of gay friends. So that’s, you know, one side of the whole thing. But then the other side is the Night of 1000 Stevies. … Somebody said did you know that there is this big like major party that goes on every year in New York that’s called the Night of 1000 Stevies? And I’m going, “What? What is that?” And so they explained it to me. And I’m thinking that’s pretty damn cool. And then it — that’s what? Twenty years ago? So that really was when I really realized that my music was really appealing to all my gay fans. And my goodness, this party has become historical, I think. And so, really, that was the beginning. And it was a long, long time ago. And who knew? I mean, I think when I was first told about it. I thought this would be something that would be a great thing that would happen maybe twice. And then it is still going on. So I’m thrilled.

On how she feels about her music reaching an entirely new audience of (very young) fans via Glee:

It’s pretty thrilling. First of all, I had been watching Glee from the very beginning. And, like we all do, we have our favorite TV shows that we totally look forward to. And if we can’t watch them that night we make sure we tape them.

And so I have been watching Glee since it first came on. So when I found out that they were doing “Landslide,” and that Gwyneth Paltrow was going to come in and play her Holly Holiday character and she was going to sing it and Santana and Brittany were going to sing with her, I was just so knocked out. And I said, “Well, can I go?”

I am in LA and people said, “Well, sure you can.” So I went. And I hung out there for six or seven hours and really spent the whole day with them and sat with the writers and watched them film it over and over again from every different angle and was so, first of all, just thrilled to be there, and thrilled that I got to interact with all the kids whom I can hardly call by their real names, because to me they have become the characters.

And to just totally sit there and enjoy that; and then the greatest thing was when it was over, when they were done, they all came and like grouped around me. And Lea Michelle, Rachel, said, “You know what? Nobody has ever done this. I mean how many great old songs from the ‘70s and the ‘80s and the ‘60s have we done? And nobody, none of those artists have ever called us or come down or sent us some roses or anything, or taken any kind of notice whatsoever that we did like an amazing version of I don’t know, let’s just pick one, ‘Jessie’s Girl.’ That nobody ever, ever acknowledged that.” And I thought that was so sad.

So, of course I sent them huge flowers. And then when they did the Rumours thing — what a favor they did for me by putting that out the same day that my record came out. I thought that was like so lovely of them. So I sent more flowers to my Glee children. And I said, “A day without Glee is like a day without sunshine.” And so I have a real relationship with them now. And I really treasure it. 

On whether she’d like to see Brittany and Santana end up together on Glee:

As the “always about love” person, I want — in the story, of course — I want them to be happy whoever they are with. So if that is going to be Santana and Brittany, then I am thrilled. If that is going to be Artie and Brittany, then I am thrilled. It’s like I don’t really have an opinion because I am looking at it as a real story.

And in real stories things work out because of what is in the hearts of man, you know? I don’t look at it as I want it to work out because it is a gay relationship on TV. Or I want it to work out because it’s a relationship with a guy in a wheelchair. I want it to work out because it is right for the characters.

I want the storyline — I want them to all be happy. So I don’t have a preference of how I want it to end up. And also I don’t really — I always want to be surprised, because I am a writer. So coming from a writer’s point of view I want to never know what is going to happen.

On what she thinks of the “new pop divas” Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Pink:

Oh you know what? I love Katy Perry. And I just think she is so interesting. She is very eclectic and interesting. And I think she is a really good songwriter, so that really makes me like her even more. Her “E.T.” song, the “k-k-kiss me” one, I love. I just love it.

I really like Lady Gaga because I think that she is a girl with a plan. And I’ve seen her. I’ve watched her put her plan together and really just work that plan.

I was once a girl with a plan. So I understand that. And sometimes the girls with the plans are the ones that really manage to break through. And I think she is a very good songwriter. And I think she is a very much a performance artist like Elton John. And I think that that will hold her very strong over the next many years if she decides that she wants to really do this. She’s only in her very, very early 20s. If she still wants to be doing this when she is 60, I think she can. Some people, not so much. But Lady Gaga — I call her “Ga” — she will absolutely be able to do it.

Pink has been around a long time. And I know her pretty well. And I love her to death. And I am so excited because she must be just ready to have her baby, or she is on the way to the hospital. [Ed. note: Pink gave birth to a baby girl later that day.] And she is another girl that is a really great songwriter and also loves being a performance artist. I ran into her when she was taking the trapeze lessons. And I’m afraid of heights, so I just can’t even imagine. And she was so into it. She was like, “I’m going to be good at this! I’m not only going to hang upside down and sing. But I’m going to really be good at it.” And I’m like, “My hat is off to you.”

So from the three that you just said, I think they are all just quite amazing girls.