“Damages” gives a peek at Season 4 – and that’s all some of us will see

If you’re lucky enough to have DirecTV, you’re probably already re-watching Damages Season 3 to gear up for the new season. And I couldn’t be more jealous that you’re getting to see Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) at her villainous best.

For the rest of you who may not have heard, DirecTV picked up the Emmy Award winning show after FX cancelled it in 2010. The network will air two new seasons of Damages, with 10 episodes each. (Each episode is a commercial-free hour, compared to 43 minutes with FX, so the series actually gets an extra 15 minutes overall.)

Season 4 is loosely based on the Blackwater controversy, with John Goodman as Howard Erickson, the head of a military contractor.

The teaser sets the tone of the storyline.


Hewes and Associates takes on Erickson’s company in a wrongful death suit over something that happened in a war zone. Judd Hirsch, Bailey Chase and Griffin Dunne also guest star, creating an environment that Close calls “macho guy territory.”

“Rosie [Byrne] and I have a few supporting females, but not many, so we’re out there with the guys, which feels very different,” she told Digital Spy. “I’m excited to see how everything plays out.”

Chris Messina plays a soldier who works for the contractor — and a childhood friend of Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne). From the looks of the trailer, the two do a bang-up job of getting reacquainted.


At least I think that’s Rose Byrne behind the hair.

Executive producer Glenn Kessler said that DirecTV is “encouraging us to take things even further than we did on FX.” What that means, we aren’t sure, but Kessler expects more swearing from Patty Hewes. “You know she’s been waiting to do it. You can see it in her eyes.”

Actually, I can see a lot of things in those eyes. But that’s a private matter between Glenn and I.

Damages starts on DirecTV July 13. Whether FX will air the season later is unclear, but we’ll keep you posted.

Will you be able to watch Damages? Are you looking forward to it? Do you think being on DirecTV will make the show better?