at the CBS/Showtime/CW TCA Party

CBS, Showtime and the CW presented their new shows to reporters at the Television Critics Association on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and there was a star party for the networks on Wednesday night. I brought my reporter’s notebook (aka my iPhone and voice recorder) and set out to get some scoop from the actors and producers on hand.

First up was Emmy Rossum, who I had to ask about the last few episodes of Shameless. There was some definite flirtation between Emmy’s character, Fiona, and Amy Smart. What was up with that?

“There was definitely some, yeah, for sure!” Emmy said. “She’s back! She’ll be on a couple episodes this season.”

And what will be happening between them?

“It’s interesting — we’ll see,” Emmy said. “She’s married, and I like boys, as of yet, but we’ll see. I think girls are comfortable with each other and they’ll see as their friendship goes, it definitely goes to a different place, but we’ll see how it develops.”

Emmy’s co-star Shanola Hampton helped me out by chiming in, “The two kiss on the lips again! That’s a spoiler.” Noted!

I spotted Rachel Bilson, who was there for her new CW series Hart of Dixie, and had to ask if she’d reprise her lesbian character on How I Met Your Mother anytime soon.

“I would love to, I mean, if they will have me, yeah!” she said. “That was so much fun. There’s been little talks here and there. I’d love to, if given the chance.”

Someone get that ball rolling.

Whitney Cummings was rushing off, but I had to find out if there will be any gay characters on Two Broke Girls, the CBS comedy she produces with Michael Patrick King. “It’s coming, it’s coming,” she told me, as her publicist said “’s been Tweeting about all of my clients today: Whitney, Ellen Page …” I told her if she ever wants to set up an Ellen Page interview, she knows who to talk to. That’d be me. She looked amused, for the record.

I asked Michael Patrick King for further comment on the possibility of lesbians on Two Broke Girls. He is, after all, the man behind Sex and the City.

“It takes place in Williamsburg,” he said. “if a lesbian doesn’t come into the diner, something’s wrong!” Agreed. But apparently none to speak of as yet. As to if the show’s stars, Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings, will have any subtext we could read into, Michael was pretty sure that’d be a no.

“They’re 22 and they have to pay the rent. They don’t have time for sexual fluidity at this point. They have to work!”

Michael, have you never heard of multi-tasking?