Lesbian and bisexual characters who would be BFFs in real life

Yesterday, Flavorwire posted a spot-on list of TV characters that would be best friends in real life: Buffy Summers and Veronica Mars, Roseanne Conner and Dorothy Zbornak, Betty Draper and Nancy Botwin. Their list made my imagination go haywire, and the result is my very own list of lesbian and bisexual characters who would be BFFs IRL. Below are 10 matches made in cross-canon heaven.

Santana Lopez (Glee) and Jenny Hartmann (Hand aufs Herz)



They both love to sing. They both love to dance. They both refuse to take s–t from anyone. Also, what are either of them wearing ever? Santana could borrow Jenny’s giraffe jeggings, Jenny could borrow Santana’s fur vest. Together they could choreograph and kick ass all the way across the Atlantic.

Lucy Diamond (D.E.B.S.) and Katchoo (Strangers in Paradise)

There’s nothing that bonds besties together like the knowledge that you both gave up your lives of crime for the women you love. Oh, sure, they’re both good guys now — but, over coffee, you know they’d fondly reminisce about the times they spent running the game and almost blowing up Australia.

Ellen Morgan (Ellen) and Jessica Stein (Kissing Jessica Stein)

Neurotic literature lovers have to stick together. (Trust me. I know.) If anyone could help Jessica take herself less seriously, it’s Ellen. And if anyone could give Ellen the push she needs to write her own novel, it’s Jessica. And with all the madcap hijinks going on around them, it would be such a relief to share a glass of wine and some quiet talk about whether nor not Charlotte Lucas was gay for Elizabeth Bennet.

Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars) and Emily Fitch (Skins)

We don’t talk about it very much, but Emily Fitch was quite a little sleuth when she needed to be — and Lord knows, Emily Fields could use some assistance. They’re both lovable, both adorable, both courageous to a Gryffindor degree, and when push comes to shove, they’re always going to be the ones you want on your side. Also, Emily Fields knows a thing or two about unwanted visitors, which could come in handy if Mandy ever showed her face in Bristol again.

Dr. Arizona Robbins (Grey’s Anatomy) and Dr. Eleanor O’Hara (Nurse Jackie)

Yes, they’re both brilliant, sexy doctors, but that’s not all Arizona and Elanor have in common: They both know how to straddle the line between compassion and fierceness. They both know what it’s like to get jerked around by the women they love. And, I assume, they’d both love to bust a cap in Mark Sloan’s ass — if it weren’t for that blasted Hippocratic Oath.

Ashley Davies (South of Nowhere) and Alex Nuñez (Degrassi: The Next Generation)

Ashley and Alex are girls from the wrong side of the tracks who fell in love with girls from the right side of the tracks. They’re bad girls on the outside with fluffy, teddy bear hearts inside, is what I’m saying. For giggles, they could have scowl-offs, and take turns playing, “Who looks best in a tank top?” (Answer: Both of you!)

Alice Pieszecki (The L Word) and Luce (Imagine Me & You)

I’d like to imagine that Alice and Luce met in either LA or London when one of them was studying abroad for a semester. Oh, you know they hooked up, and one of them probably followed the other one across the pond for another semester, but they were too young to really settle down. They still visit one another as often as they can, and keep in touch via Skype. They fight, too, for months at a time like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, neither of them has ever apologized. But things always blow over, and they remain the best of friends.

Angela Montenegro (Bones) and Tosh Sato (Torchwood)

Perhaps they met at an Imaginary Technology Convention, and hit it off by talking about their brilliant, impossible bosses. Or maybe both of their bisexual-dars were pinging. Tosh and Angela are the ultimate BFFs. They’re both empathetic, they’re both brilliant listeners and they’re both really good at advice if people would ever listen to them. Also, you know, they’re probably the only two people on earth who know the ins and outs of operating a Hologram Machine.

Kalinda Sharma (The Good Wife) and Lisbeth Salander (The Millenium Trilogy)

Each driven by their own moral compass and sense of justice, Kalinda and Lisbeth would have no trouble earning one another’s respect. They’d never say how much they mean to each other, of course, but they’d always know who to call if they were in a bind. And it never hurts to have a best mate who owns as much leather as you. You know, in case you were ever on the run from the law and needed to borrow some clothes.

Batwoman (Batwoman) and Mystique (X-Men)

I’ll bet Mystique and Batwoman also fall into the “best friends who were girlfriends” category. Their friendship probably went through some rough patches when Mystique was going through her whole “supervillain” stage, but Batwoman was there with open arms when Mystique got out of rehab. Or, well, as open as Batwoman’s arms ever get. Let’s just say Batwoman stopped pointing a gun at her best friend’s head.

What about you — what lesbian/bisexual characters do you think would be best friends in real life?