“The L Word” ladies reunite for the complete series box set release

Those girls in tight dresses who drag with moustaches are coming back. OK, not really – especially since a couple of them got killed off along the way. But they’ll all together again in the new The L Word: The Complete Series collectible DVD box set coming out this fall.

The 25-disc set will be released Nov. 22 and include all six seasons of The L Word and a bonus disc of features all wrapped up in collectible package. The bonus disc features an exclusive reunion special. Marlee Matlin, who played the tempestuous artist and Bette Porter stealer (Tibetter forever!) Jodi Lerner, tweeted a few weeks ago about he big reunion saying:

A great L Word gathering today! Kate, Leisha, Jennifer, Laurel, Eric Mabius, Ilene C. & me together to be featured on upcoming DVD box set! …. And I forgot, Erin Daniels (Dana) was also there at the L Word reunion today! Everyone looked so good!

So Shane, Alice, Bette, Tina, Dana, Jodi and Tim will all be there. But from the sounds of things it looks like Jenny Schecter herself Mia Kirshner missed the reunion as did Pam Grier, Rose Rollins, Rachel Shelley, Sarah Shahi … I could go on. As Kit would say, baby girl, no! Also, why did they Photoshop Rose out of the cover art, since she was in the original promo shot?

Now, many fans of the show have already forked over considerable amounts of their hard-earned cash for the single season box sets. So it depends on how fanatical the fan and how good the extras really are whether they’ll but this set. And other fans may still be harboring long-simmering resentment toward creator Ilene Chaiken for turning the last season into a bizarre murder mystery – also killing Dana. So they’re in no mood to line Ilene’s pockets more.

Matlin also addressed the possibility of a The L Word movie, which had been batted about in the past. Looks like it’s a no-go, unless they decide to go a different, Ghost-like direction.

So, will you pick up the new complete series box set? Excited to see a cast reunion? Though, I freely admit if they make a The L Word Goes to Heaven movie starring Dana, I would totally watch it.