“Warehouse 13” star Joanne Kelly would still love to see a Myka/H.G. relationship

Be still our geeky, artifact-loving, shipper hearts. Warehouse 13 actress Joanne Kelly still “would love” to see H.G. Wells and Myka get together on the hit SyFy series.

In an interview with sci-fi site io9.com, Kelly, who plays Secret Service Agent Myka Bering on the series, reiterated her characters love for H.G. Wells (played by Jaime Murray) and the fact that the actresses decided on their own to have their characters fall in love.

Jaime and I decided that [on our own] and then once the writers saw what we were doing, we they kind of went with it. But that was Jaime and my idea. We decided, “Wouldn’t it be fun if they were kind of in love?” So we fell in love.

Kelly had confirmed shippers suspicions about the Myka-H.G. love connection at Comic-Con in July when she confessed that the characters “fell in love a little bit.”

In the new interview, Kelly said she was sad that the H.G.-Myka relationship didn’t go further on screen saying “Umm, yeah — it’s Jaime Murray!” Oh, Kelly, gay ladies everywhere feel your pain. Kelly added that, “being an actor, you explore relationships. And anything that makes the dynamic between two actors more interesting [is something] I’m interested in exploring, whether female or male.”

And Kelly still would love to see a Myka-H.G. love connection happen.

Oh God, yeah. I would love that. With Jaime? That would be awesome. [Laughs] It’s the only romantic relationship that we get to see Myka [have.] And it’s not even romantic in the traditional sense of romance. We see this deep, deep bond with these two people, and the only other relationship that I’ve really explored like that was with Sam, my partner who died. And we just kind of touched on it. But H.G. is a much bigger storyline.

Of course, there’s that whole complication of her getting blown up in a amazingly heroic (and more than a little romantic) act of saving everyone’s life. But in pocket watch we trust, shippers.

Warehouse 13 will be back this Tuesday for its annual holiday episode. But don’t expect any resolution to the seasons’s explosive season finale. The Christmas episode always happens outside of the main series timeline. This year’s show will be a play on It’s a Wonderful Life where Pete was never born. We’ll see Myka as she was before coming to Warehouse 13, “frosty, uptight” and “lonely.”

Kelly also said she was proud of the show’s embrace of openly gay character in Steve Jinks, who joined last season. Of course, his character also died in the finale, so now the show appears to be down in its LGBT representation again – or is it?

Kelly hinted to the io9.com writers that you never know what can happen in the world of artifacts. Hey, if an artifact can bring Jinks back, certainly that artifact can also bring back H.G. So, does this interview make you smell apples, Myka/H.G. shippers? Think our lady of the grappling hook will be back?