Can you guess the Pretty Little Liars’ New Year’s resolutions?

ABC Family has released a behind-the-scenes peek at the Pretty Little Liars‘ New Year’s resolutions, but before we watch the video, I think we should all take a guess about what they’ll resolve. I mean, obviously they need to resolve to stop trusting every man in their town except for Ezra Fitz and Toby Cavenaugh. And to stop wandering around unarmed in graveyards and haunted houses and green houses and and hospitals and barns in the middle of the night. And to stop seeing therapists. And doctors. And cops. Actually, maybe they should resolve to move to Antarctica together and never turn on a cell phone again. Alas, this is probably what the New Year holds for them:

Now, let’s see how right we were.


Ohhh, it’s a video about the actors‘ resolutions. Shay Mitchell, you couldn’t be any cuter if it was your job.

PLL is back on January 2nd, y’all!