Gay Girl’s Goggles: “2 Broke Girls” SnapCap (1.12) – “And the Pop-Up Sale”

You know what’s totally heterosexual? Selling your precious golden rings to buy your platonic best friend a major top-of-the-line appliance as a way to apologize, that’s what’s totally heterosexual. Or, you know, maybe not. Our resident 2 Broke Girls got into their first fight this week, and it was all about their future together. Which, of course, is another thing platonic best friends do. All the time. That’s it, I hereby dub these two cupcakzzoli. And so it was written, and so is it done.


Funny, pretty girls in tight waitress uniforms trying to light an old oven’s pilot light. Yeah, sometimes I’m that easy. Also, I’ve got to hand it to Oleg. Unzipping a girl’s top while both your hands are still on her back is way above my skill level. Nicely done, pervert.


Once again, this show with all the vagina and penis jokes manages to do what shows packed with tons of literary references and high-brow humor don’t always do – show two young women working together to supporting one another emotionally and financially. It’s part of what makes 2 Broke Girls so special. And it’s definitely of what makes 2 Broke Girls worth sticking with despite the racial and stereotypical easy jokes it uses as crutches from time to time. Also, I like how despite their differences – Caroline’s former wealth, Max’s current street smarts – these two women find common ground with each other that transcends the superficial.


So they got rid of the horse last week, but were still just two gay cowboys in love with each other this entire episode. Think I’m kidding? Here is the dialogue, verbatim:

Max: I don’t want you sacrificing your precious rings, Frodo. Because if the business doesn’t work out it’ll be my fault you have nothing. And call me selfish but the only life I want to ruin is my own.
Caroline: Max, the business will go up and down, that’s natural. But this ring is about more than the day-to-day of the business. It about us and our future together.
Max: Yo, did you just ask me to marry you?
Caroline: You could do worse.

And this is why they are totally cupcakzzoli for each other. When your characters tell each other they’re in it together for the long haul, repeatedly, they’re full on Brokeback.


We have the weekly vagina – or accessories to vagina – joke. Max: “There’s only one tool that can change my ‘tude. And I’m going to need two double-A batteries and a 20-minute break.” The poor people are funny joke. Caroline: “Why are we throwing fire at an oven? Is this a poor people game?” The gay joke. Max: “Look Jeffrey, I know we just met, but there’s no way you’re a top.” But my favorite is always the inappropriate touching between supposedly heterosexual friends joke. “Max: “Yes, I am (going to let you hug me). But if you unzip my shirt I’m gonna be pissed – impressed, but pissed.”

So, what did you think? I know, I know, Max should totally accept Caroline’s marriage proposal.