“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.15): You always hurt the ones you love

To quote ancient cavemen: FIRE BAD! FIRE BAD! FIRE BAD! And to carry their eloquent, prescient warnings further, fire in this episode is a metaphor for the white hot-emotions simmering just under the surface for our Det. Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles. But while our resident LLBFFs reenact their own private Backdraft on the inside, Boston’s finest firefighters are doing it on the outside as a factory fire burns uncontrollably. And things get much too hot for one poor firefighter. Like I was saying, fire bad.

Back in cooler climates, Jane is trying to cajole Joe Friday into doing his business. But then she gets fed up and tells him to stay out there all day for all she cares (Treating your pets like human beings and becoming overly invested in their refusal to follow your simple commands? Nothing super lesbian about that.) As she leaves to go inside, FBI Agent Gabriel “I Look Like I Haven’t Showered In Weeks” Dean strolls up with a bouquet of flowers in hand. They’re pink. Remember when Jane’s mom tried to paint her apartment pink? What was it Jane said again? Oh yeah, I hate pink. Just an observation.

Agent Dean gives Jane the flowers and she gives him a nice big friendship hug. She asks him what he is doing there, which is a valid question because I forgot he ever existed and ever pretended to have chemistry with Jane. He requested a transfer to D.C., which is still a bit of a commute to Boston. And then he leaves. It’s my favorite part of this episode so far.

Over at Casa Isles, Mama Rizzoli and Mother Isles walk in on Maura attempting to make a perfect cup of espresso. She gets flustered when her mother walks up and lets out an adorable “dammit.” I’m trying to recall the last time I saw Maura both flustered and cursing. It’s pretty damn adorable. Mother Isles is apparently staying with Maura, which clearly means the mother-in-laws are comparing notes about Jane and Maura. No wonder Maura is flustered.

Jane and Maura walk to the factory crime scene together ostensibly taking about Agent Dean but really doing a status check on their own relationship. Jane says “Dean asked me to dinner.” Maura says “So go,” but a little too quickly and defensively. Maura asks whether Casey and Dean know each other. Right, because nothing makes the awkward situation of talking about your girlfriend’s two beards more awkward than bringing up whether they know about each other’s existence.

And then Maura, who knows exactly how to twist the knife, says Dean only left for Afghanistan because Jane wouldn’t read the Sunday paper in bed with him. Nope, she only does that with Maura. You have to set clear limits with your beards. Maura says Jane can’t even call Dean by his first name, Gabriel. Oh, Maura, you know Jane only calls you by your first name. Everyone else is Frost, Korsak, Dean. Jane calls Gabriel’s name “weird” and “biblical.” And she certainly doesn’t want to get biblical with any Gabriel. Now someone named Maura, that’s another story.

The firefighters bring out their fallen comrade. Frost and Korsak start talking about the case. The jeans factory fire appears to have been started by a faulty space heater. They then bicker, like the work husbands they are, about whether the skeezy owner of the factory is “old” and who filled up the tank last and then Jane asks if they need a moment alone to they can “fight.” And if there’s one thing Jane knows about, it is when two co-workers with undeniable chemistry need a minute alone together to “fight.” Or, you know, some other descriptive action verb that begins with the letter “F.”