The 2012 Golden Globes and Gay Degrees of Separation

If you followed @afterellen’s Golden Globes tweet-along at #showusyourglobes, you know that this year was almost as full of Gay Goodness as last year, even though we expected the awards to straighten up.

But we also expected Ricky Gervais not to be invited back, so what do we know?

Before we proceed with a recap of the festivities, I must put to rest any and all rumors about why I am doing this recap when awards shows are Dorothy Snarker territory. Ms. Snarker, faced with the choice of staying up all night writing about the Golden Globes or staying up all night partying in Vegas with lesbian softball players, chose the latter. I know, I know. But we will get through this together. On with the show.

The Red Carpet show-before-the-show wasted no time in affirming that the acting community’s favorite designers had chosen “show us your globes” as their theme for the evening long before we did. In fact, this may be the first time you notice that Morena Baccarin is the one wearing this dress.

Mila Kunis wore one of the most titillating gowns, proving that “the new face of Dior” is strictly a figure of speech.