“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” (Pt. 2)


The main focus of the most recent two-part Degrassi episode has been on some of the show’s many other characters, but this week, Fiona popped in for a quick scene in which she gleefully knocked Marisol and Katie down a peg. Girl has the makings of a young Bette Porter in her…


Katie, it turns out, is not the soulless automaton she is often painted as. The last couple of episodes have let us in on her home life, first with a sister, and then with her parents and the reason why she pushes herself so hard. Her mother is in a wheelchair suffering from multiple sclerosis, and Katie has always feared that she, too, will develop MS as she grows older.


The beginning of the school year means the beginning of student government-run events. Because Katie has been so busy focusing on tryouts for a national soccer team, Marisol took the reins on planning their first school-wide event. After rejecting most of the student-submitted idea, she settles on hosting an open-mic coffee shop.

It turns out that the idea is basically the same as one Fiona had submitted. When she shows up to give them a piece of her mind, Katie has the nerve to ask Fiona if she’d be willing to put their differences aside and help out anyway.

Fiona calmly tells them she’d much rather watch them fail. She knows how hard Katie works at breaking into schools, denying blame, and passing responsibility off on others, which is a “good case for impeachment, huh?”


Meanwhile Katie, channeled by a drive to succeed at soccer while she’s physically capable, tries to play on an injured knee. Without the go-ahead from the sports doctor she visits, Katie enlists the help of her mother’s codeine in order to finish out the national team tryouts.

Unfortunately, her luck runs out when the codeine does, and she collapses on the field from pain. It looks like she’ll be recovering from this injury for a while, and I hope Degrassi continues to present Katie’s personality in as nuanced a way as it has these last two weeks.

But the real question is: do you think Fiona’s going to follow through on her threat later this season? And if so, with the loss of her soccer dream, how might Katie react?