“Lost Girl” Rewind SnapCap (1.10): There’s a new succubus in town

Turns out Bo isn’t the only succubus in town. While investigating a case where young women are supposedly committing suicide after sexual encounters, Bo has her own encounter of the sexual sort. She meets Saskia, an older, wiser, wilder succubus who becomes her instant BFF, much to Kenzi’s chagrin. Saskia is eager to teach Bo the ways of the succubus, which include never working for a living. But should Bo trust her new sister of the sucky face? Come on, honey, anyone who wears that much red leather is up to no good. That’s just a fact.


If one succubus is nice, then two has to be at least twice as nice – right? And is it just me or does there bone structure look a little, um, familiar?

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched the rest of Season 1, stop reading now and skip to the “FEELINGS, FEELINGS, FEELINGS” section. I mean it, shoo.

OK, everyone else, let’s talk about that kiss. In retrospect, this is probably the opposite of AfterEllen Bait. Because while I like a lady-on-lady kiss as much as the next gay lady, I’m totally not down with the mother-daughter saliva swap.


In the midst of meeting new, mysterious Saskia comes a pretty sophisticated story about women and sexual shame. One of the things I’ve always loved about Lost Girl is its sex for the sake of sex approach to sexuality. Folks have sex, like it and aren’t punished for it – particularly women. In fact, that’s Bo’s whole journey; realizing her sexuality is her greatest strength and embracing it instead of fearing it. So she’s into anything: men, women, human, Fae – that one time with a goat. And it’s all good. Though just kidding about the goat. To quote Kenzi quoting the great poet Ludacris, “Regret is for suckas, for suckas, for suckas. Regret is for suckas. Bitch.” No shame, no regret, ladies.

So then the introduction of the albasters, a succubus’ natural enemy, is an intriguing twist on female empowerment. Where the succubus creates and feeds off of sexual pleasure, the albaster creates and feeds off of sexual shame. They make people, women mostly, feel bad about liking sex. So, you know, it’s just like the current GOP legislative agenda. So Saskia dispatching of him did not bother me one little bit. Sure, Bo feels morally torn about killing him. But I have no such reservations. Hell hath no fury like centuries of womanhood sexually scorned.


Bo is still giving Lauren the cold lady bits treatment. When Bo asks her to look over the file from one of the suicides, Lauren says the sex appeared consensual. But Bo shoots back, “I’m not so sure I trust your judgment on sexual matters.” Like I was saying, brrrr.

Their exchange doesn’t exactly leave us Doccubus fans feeling the love:

Bo: Let’s say hypothetically that one party thought the connection was real and then found out that the other party was just manipulating them into bed to impress their controlling asshat of a boss.
Lauren: Bo, do you really think we weren’t headed that way on our own anyway?
I think that you ruined any chance of us finding out. And I think that’s really shitty.
Lauren: I don’t know how many different ways I can tell you I’m sorry. Bo, if you’d just let me explain.

So, as Bo so succinctly tells Kenzi afterward, “Two words: Lauren, kiss my ass. A lot of hyphens in that last one.”


Bo was OK in the badass department this episode; though really it was all about more clearly defining her moral compass. And her moral compass says you don’t kill bad people just because they’re bad. The badassery I’d rather talk about this week was Kenzi’s, particularly her badass hilarity. Hey, humor can be a weapon.

Instead of just moping about Bo spending so much time with her new sucky gal pal, she goes on her own little adventure helping Trick with his trouble in the Shire. And, ever the clever little lady, she figures out Trick’s pal is tricking him. Using your brain power, and observation powers, to solve crimes? Now that’s badass. And it certainly deserves free drinks for life.


Oh, Kenzi, someone needs to do a little shopping on goodvibes.com.

“Honey, if I could give you the six-inch all of our problems would be solved.”


Sullen Boobs O’Clock is still Boobs O’Clock.

So, how about that Saskia? And when do you think Bo will finally defrost around our dear Dr. Hotpants?