Gay Girl’s Goggles: “30 Rock” SnapCap (6.15) — “The Shower Principle”

Here’s a question: Do you want Liz Lemon to change? In its sixth season, the show within a show that revels in its meta moments has started to become even more self aware. Liz has a new, big contract. Liz has a new, sweet boyfriend. Liz has a new, weird mentee. So you could see why this could be considered Liz’s “Year of Change.” But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Liz still has the same crazy actors to wrangle. Liz still has problems she needs to run by Jack. Liz still has the same inability to leave a room gracefully. So the more things change, the more they stay the same. And for me, that’s a good thing. Because I like my Liz Lemon just like she’s always been – imperfectly perfect.


Any show that puts Tina Fey in not one, not two, but three plaid shirts is clearly playing to its lesbian base. Add Cerie in short shorts and a pug dressed as “Dogbeard the Pirate” and they’re just mercilessly padding their lead. Uncle, uncle – we give. You win.


I’m trying to decide if I like Hazel Wassername the page. She’s weird and inappropriate, which I like. She’s played by The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal, who I like. She’s sexually obsessed with Liz Lemon, which I like because I totally get. But she’s also creepy in a stalkerish “I want to turn your skin into my bed pillow” way, which I’m a little less into. And then there’s the trying to scare/kill Jenna away so she can be Liz’s LBFF. But, hey, she showed up to the first day of spring weather wearing only a hot-pink bra under her page blazer and passing out torso shots. So, um, perhaps I’m over thinking this whole thing. Or perhaps I’m just jealous she has a Groupon for a couple’s massage in the Catskills resort where Henny Youngman used to take his mistresses. p.s. Though I love her portmanteau with Liz – Lazel.


The more our dear Liz tries to prove the universe and her accountant wrong, the more she reveals the patterns that have made her life a “monotonous hell.” Sure this year she joined an over 40 dance team, started eating the lettuce under her onion rings and took up meditation thanks to her boyfriend Criss. Last year she started eating the onion part of her onion rings and started journaling thanks to her exciting relationship with Carol, who was a man, although they did nothing that lesbians could not do. And the year before that she bought a restaurant grade onion ringer and had a go at cycling thanks to her boyfriend Wesley, who she hated. Never change, darling, never change. Also, watch Smash Mondays at 10.


My three favorite jokes from the night were as such: 1) Jenna was trained in “stage acting and game-show pointing at the Royal Tampa Academy of Dramatic Tricks,” 2) “Meditation is a waste of time like learning French or kissing after sex,” and 3) Cerie’s “band” appearing on Letterman – yes, that’s her just brushing her hair as her laptop plays. They’re gonna be huge at Coachella next year, I know it.

So, nerds, did this episode help you achieve transcendence, a state of pure inner peace where all pants have built-in underwear? Discuss.