Out comic Kate McKinnon debuts on “SNL” with hot and hilarious results

If you caught Saturday Night Live over the weekend and saw out lesbian comic Kate McKinnon’s debut you probably had two predominant impressions: 1) She is damn funny, and 2) She is damn lucky. Because first days at work don’t get much better than writhing against Sofia Vergara while making all of America laugh.

The Big Gay Sketch Show alum appeared a handful of times in her debut, first briefly in the cold open as an extra and then later in a spoof of Bravo gadfly Andy Cohen ’s Watch What Happens Live. But it was toward the end of the episode when she got to really shine in a skit alongside host Vergara. Vergara played herself and McKinnon played Penelope Cruz as they filmed a Pantene shampoo commercial together. The results were my two favorite things: hot and hilarious.


Next time I can’t pronounce a word I’m just going to say “refrigerator” over and over again. Yayyyy!

McKinnon popped up earlier in the episode in the Watch What Happens Live skit to give a dead-on impersonation of severe-haired, bossy-panted Bravo out reality star Tabatha Coffey in a spoof preview clip for Tabatha Takes Over.


Congratulations, Kate. You definitely made an impression on your first day at the office. And we can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Also, big bonus points for not being distracted by Vergara’s cleavage during the Pantene sketch. Now that’s the sign of a pro.

What did you think of McKinnon’s first outing on SNL? Favorite sketch of the night? Discuss.