Wynonna Earp S2. E5: It’ll Blow Your Mind

Previously on “Wynonna Earp,” Waverly proved she has a future as a lounge singer, Dolls revealed himself to be part dragon (or something), Doc got a new hat, and Wynonna was possessed by a demon after Demon Waverly kissed her (still ew).

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This week’s episode starts with an over the top stereotypical secret order decapitating a demon, who before he dies promises that others will follow him and make the rivers run red with blood. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what they all say. With him gone, the order head notes that there is one demon left in Purgatory to be purged. I bet it’s Demon Wynonna. Money’s on Demon Wynonna.

The head of the order then suggests they get nachos (flashback to the movie “Django Unchained” when the Ku Klux Klan members are complaining about the eyeholes in their hoods being wrong, because hoods are ridiculous).

Back at the homestead, Demon Wynonna is making the world’s grossest smoothie—including a dead rat—while a tied up Waverly watches and tries her best not to lose dinner, lunch, breakfast, and everything she’s eaten in the last month (which includes the dead spider demon).

Demon Wynonna threatens Waverly with a saw, and the real Wynonna surfaces for a moment to tell Waverly that she’s trying to fight the demon, but it’s too hard. A car horn honks and the demon regains control. It’s Doc, and he has a flashy new ride since the loss of last year’s pink Cadillac. Demon Wynonna tries to distract him from asking about Waverly by flirting badly, while Waverly tries to find a way to warn Doc to beware. Suggestion: spit the rag out of your mouth. Just an idea. Waverly fails, however, and Doc drives off with Demon Wynonna to BBHQ.


Hey handsome. Your posterior is fetching this sunrise. And you look physically attractive.

They’ve brought the Purgatory Fair 1952 plate from the last episode, which Jeremy promptly licks and determines was not made in 1952 because the paint doesn’t taste like lead. (Serious question here: could you actually do that?) In fact, the paint covers an etching of a griffin over a heraldic shield with axes. Jeremy says it looks familiar, and Demon Wynonna points out it’s the same symbol that can be seen over the volunteer fire department.

Doc suggests they go check it out, but Demon Wynonna, who is on her fifth doughnut or so (this will make sense later), declines. She has “plans.” Doc calls her out on ignoring the importance of the plate. After all, Waverly almost died to retrieve it. As Demon Wynonna acquiesces, Doc notices that probably something is wrong with Wynonna. Red flag #1.


Om nom nom nom donuts.

Waverly, who has finally thought to spit out the rag, hears someone come into the house and bluffs that she’s armed. It’s Dolls, who has his gun pulled on her. He believes Waverly is still possessed, remembering when she held him captive in the barn with her spooky black eyes, but Waverly explains, “You’re an hour late and an Earp short. It jumped to Wynonna last night.” Dolls is still suspicious until Waverly starts to remember seeing Dolls held hostage in the barn and cries, which is enough to convince Dolls that she’s not possessed anymore. Because demons apparently are not only sucky at flirting, but also at fake crying and apologies.