Wynonna Earp S2. E6: Cat’s Out of the Bag

When Wynonna was being knocked out, however, she managed to get Peacemaker into her hands, and it zaps her back to consciousness. However, she quickly notices that something is wrong: although the clock seems to only show 5 minutes having passed, suddenly she’s A LOT more pregnant than she was before, there are bugs in their decaying food, and Dolls’ phone is covered with a fine layer of dust. But most important of these things is that she went from not showing to looking like she has a basketball under her shirt, and hiding that from the rest of the Scoobies for more than about five minutes is going to be impossible.

Wynonna and Dolls, who is not paying attention to Wynonna’s figure, leave the café to discover that the whole town is still asleep, including Waverly and Nicole. Dolls gives them the bad news: although they can wake people, the people quickly fall back asleep; Sleeping Beauty on steroids.


So Nicole was at Waverly’s house at 11 am in her uniform. Playing hooky from work?

Wynonna suggests it will be easy to find the perpetrator of this sleeping spell because if everyone else is asleep, the perpetrator will be the only one awake. Obviously. Nicole suggests they raid the evidence lockers at the sheriff’s department for amphetamines that will keep them awake (so much for chain of evidence) and they head out, presumably also to find Doc, who they haven’t mentioned yet.

After everyone leaves the house, Wynonna takes a minute to grapple with the fact that she went from about one month pregnant to suddenly what looks like eight months, and her tactic of trying to ignore being pregnant and avoiding the issue suddenly isn’t an option. Nicole, circling back to get her gloves, sees her and awkwards about it a little, but that’s one Scooby who now knows.

At casa Hypnos, the demon protests he’s not strong enough to keep the town asleep much longer. Tucker, a class A self-centered whiner, complains the town has been asleep for weeks and it’s boring. Plus he wants Waverly, who was promised to him. Not Mercedes wants more time because they haven’t found the seal yet. Tucker tries to tell her that he found the Stone Witch in the salt flats, but the other ghost possessing Beth Gardiner cuts in to inform them someone is awake. Hypnos tells them it’s the Earp Heir, and he can’t put her to sleep because she’s too strong. Hypnos further tells the two ghosts that they’re toast because Wynonna is totally going to crush them, but Not Mercedes is like, “Bring it.”


At the sheriff’s office, Dolls gives Wynonna and Waverly adrenaline shots to use. Because the sheriff’s office happens to have two pre-loaded syringes of adrenaline that were seized in a prior drug raid? Dolls also magically knows that victims of the sleeping spell who stay under too long will never wake up, so they have the added stress of a deadline. Sort of.

Wynonna sends Waverly off to wake Doc and sends Dolls look for Jeremy if he’s in the building, leaving her alone when the Widows show up. They throw Wynonna over a desk, steal Jeremy’s research on the location of the second seal, and disappear. How did they know Jeremy had found it? Is there like a Purgatory-All chatroom where important information like the consequences of the sleeping spell and the location of documents about the second seal are posted? Why hasn’t Wynonna joined the chat?