Wynonna Earp S2. E6: Cat’s Out of the Bag

Waverly finds Doc naked and asleep with his face literally between Rosie’s legs. Awkward. Waverly is all judgey, but Doc says it’s a casual, new thing with Rosie and he’s been clear with everyone that he’s not the “settling down” type. He’s also older than the state of Colorado. Fun fact! Together, Waverly and Doc find Jeremy in the basement of Shorty’s because of course the seal is there. They open what looks like a boiler and find…yes! Another Legends of the Hidden Temple seal!


Oooh, is that Narnia? It looks warmer than Purgatory.

Back at BBHQ, Dolls finds a defeated Wynonna, who tells him the Widows left already. He can’t help but notice, however, that Wynonna is more than a little pregnant. Okay, a lot pregnant. “Would you believe I ate a buttload of corndogs?” Wynonna asks despondently. Dolls tries to process Wynonna being pregnant while Wynonna argues that being pregnant doesn’t affect her ability to send demons back to hell. She says nothing has changed, but Dolls disagrees. Everything has changed. And he doesn’t just mean her ability to do forward rolls.

Wynonna, Dolls, and Nicole burst into Hypnos’ mansion and Wynonna is ready to kill Hypnos to wake everyone in Purgatory up (question: why didn’t they at least wake Sheriff Nedley?), but he warns her the opposite would happen: if he dies, the people under his spell will never wake, themselves included. Hypnos offers a deal: he’ll lift the spell if they get his daughter Poppy back for him from Tucker. Wynonna tries pumping Hypnos for information about the Widows, but he only knows they are looking for the second and third seals. Whatever bad thing that they want to happen can only happen if all three seals are broken, however, so there’s some good news.



First, tell me where the Widows are. Then tell me where your nearest bathroom is.

Wynonna warns Waverly about the Widows just as they appear in the basement at Shorty’s, but to no avail. Instead, the Widows put Waverly, Doc, and Jeremy to sleep with their freezing breath. Wynonna tasks Nicole and Dolls to go find Tucker while she goes to rescue Waverly. Conveniently, Nicole has been illegally tracking Tucker’s phone for weeks, so she happens to be able to track him in real time as he appears to be headed to the Earp homestead. Dolls and Wynonna kiss and I’m suddenly Team Wynonna/Dolls when I thought I was exclusively Wynonna/Doc. Dolls tries to figuratively back up, however, and reinforce the professional boss/subordinate aspect of their relationship.


Am I wearing clothes this time?