Wynonna Earp S2. E6: Cat’s Out of the Bag

At the Earp Homestead, Tucker is creepily having Poppy pretend to be Waverly when Dolls and Nicole arrive. Nicole shoots Tucker in the shoulder after Poppy slips out of being his human shied/hostage, but he jumps out of the window before Nicole can do anything else. I hope she gets to be the one to eventually kill him with some cheesy line like, “That will keep you away from my girlfriend, you perv.” Wynonna, meanwhile, arrives at Shorty’s too late. The Widows have broken the second seal. They hastily flow out of the room, and rather than pursuing them, Wynonna stops to help Waverly and Doc. Wynonna takes the opportunity to reveal to Doc that she’s massively pregnant, but in reaction Doc runs from it. (Nevermind, I’m no longer Team Wynonna/Doc. Jerk.)

Back at Casa de Hypnos, Hypnos explains that although it seemed like a month passed, in reality no time at all passed. Wynonna, pointing to her stomach, protests that clearly time passed, but Hypnos shrugs. “Whatever, Earp weirdo. I can’t help if your spawn defies time like a Time Lord.” He asks to be put back into dormancy, where he’ll do no damage, but Dolls shoots him instead. He’s too powerful a demon to be allowed to live, Dolls reminds Wynonna. Wynonna shoots Hypnos with Peacemaker, but grouches to Dolls that he shouldn’t be so…professionally cold. Clearly she’s not just referring to Hypnos. Now it feels like both Doc and Dolls have abandoned her and Wynonna is le sad.

At BBHQ, Doc and Dolls both want to talk to Wynonna, but she’s (rightfully) having none of it. If you blow your first shot at reacting to news of a pregnancy and how you fit into the new paradigm, you have to wait a while to try again. Waverly heads the two men off and explains that Wynonna will deal with things in her own time, in her own way. Doc passes a note to Waverly for Wynonna “when she’s ready.”

At the Gardiner house, the doorbell rings. No one is there, but a face is sitting on the doorstep. Literally, a face that was carved off someone’s head. Specifically, the face belonged to, in the past tense, Constance Clootie, better known as the Stone Witch. Tucker has gone off the rails and it turns out that he’s exactly the creepy sadistic sociopath that the Widows knew he was. But less controllable than they thought he would be.


At the Homestead, Wynonna is feeling down and can’t even drown her sorrows in whiskey. She hates the lack of agency life has given her: she didn’t choose to be the Earp Heir, she darn well didn’t choose to be pregnant, and she didn’t even get to choose when to tell people she was pregnant. She was on two different forms of birth control and she still got pregnant, so “fate,” or “destiny” or whatever it is has a sick sense of humor about continuing the Earp line. Sympathetic and understanding, Waverly chooses this moment to pass Doc’s note, which reads simply, “I am all in.” Wynonna/Doc/Dolls for a modern polyamorous couple raising a child, anyone?

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