Watch Now! Cruising Amelia Earhart in “The Okay List”

We’re loving The Okay List, a new lesbian webseries in which two women (Heather Pieske and Sarah Pappalardo) hit on some of our favorite iconic historical figures.

Co-creator Pappalardo told us, “The fun and unique part about this series is that all actors are actually queer and in the New York comedy scene – from a quiet, soft butch Amelia Earhart who drinks by herself to Pocahontas, a waitress, with serious daddy issues. The series is called The Okay List, because in real life Heather and I agreed that only dead lesbians were allowed on our okay list. “

In the premiere episode, Sarah and Heather spot butch aviator Amelia Earhart drinking all by her lonesome:

In the most recent episode, they take an interest in Joan of Arc:

Pappalardo tells us that upcoming episodes will feature “Pocahontas, Rosa Parks, and a jaded Rosie the Riveter who is now working in cable service repair. After that, we’ve had a bunch of suggestions, but you can put your money on Eleanor Roosevelt totally dominating us.”

Which other historical figures would you like to see on the receiving end of Heather and Sarah’s advances?