LIPS: Chicks with Licks (Episodes 2.5-2.8)

On Episode 5 of Lips, A sexy butt chuggin’ Amber (Amber Tisue) and a hot, over confident Snaps (Catherine Waller) audition for Lips. Fiona (Alona Dadiani) and Didi (Vivi Rama) are missing and London (Flo Vinger) hires a gay mafioso manager Gino (Michael Cornacchia).

On Episode 6, Helen fantasizes about London. Rosadaura (Sheetal Sheth) sweeps London off her combat boots. Their new manager Gino proves to be trouble in the mix.

On Episode 7, Rousaura rocks London’s world!

On Episode 8, Helen is snookered into making out on camera by Snaps. Rousaura show’s London a thing or two.

Check back soon for a new episode and catch up on Season 1 if you missed it.