She Got Me Pregnant: Episode 4

In this special edition of She Got Me Pregnant, Dana and Helen survey the world of lesbian moms on television, tackling such provocative questions as “Do Xena and Gabrielle count as lesbian moms?” “Should there be a lesbian-family version of The Brady Bunch?” and “Why do so many shows spend more time on the search for sperm than on the next eighteen years of parenthood?”

My answer to that last question? The fact that it’s less threatening to most Americans to show lesbians talking about sperm than interacting with children; laziness on the part of TV writers; and the (inacurate and uninformed) idea that this storyline is provocative and daring, when in fact it’s been beaten to death by TV writers over the last 20 years.

But you all have heard me yammer on about this annoying trend for five years now — watch the vlog to get Dana and Helen’s take on it.