Brunch With Bridget: Episode 1

Welcome to the premier episode of Brunch With Bridget, a new weekly Sunday morning video blog starring out comedian Bridget McManus (who recently guested on We’re Getting Nowhere).

This week Bridget lays down with (yep that’s right) screenwriter Joni Lefkowitz to discuss the Writer’s Guild strike, recent breakups, and Joni’s admiration for Dakota Fanning (it’s odd we know).

Bridget also discusses the dangerous consequences of being heterosexual, why she would make a bad parent, and how her doctor’s in league with the birth control companies. Plus, Bridget’s sidekick Baby Bridget reviews The Golden Compass and manages to say in three words what took Lori and I about 1,000 words to say in our vlog. Damn that Baby Bridget, she’s trying to put us out of a job!

Episode 1: The Funeral

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I love the vlog’s low-key randomness — it feels like a Sunday morning. Also, Bridget seems very Sarah Silverman-esque to me, but Lori doesn’t see the similarity (mostly because she doesn’t like Sarah Silverman, and she loves Bridget). But I’m still going to tell Baby Bridget Lori said that.

After you watch the vlog, scroll down to find out more about the oft-mentioned “Julia”:

She’s not really Joni’s ex — Julia, Joni and Bridget are friends who like to play pranks on each other. Like this one, in which Joni made up the whole story about Julia being her ex. Pretty convincing, eh? But don’t worry, Julia’s in on the joke — and will no doubt retaliate on a future episode of Brunch with Bridget. Can’t wait!

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