Brunch with Anna Margarita Albelo (Brunch with Bridget, Episode 62)

This week Bridget welcomes Cuban-American polyglot director, Anna Margarita Albelo. Albelo is the filmmaker who brought us A Lez in Wonderland, a comedy-documentary about the lesbian mecca that is the Dinah Shore weekend.

Albelo, an advocate for lesbian and documentary filmmaking, teaches Bridget how to mime, reveals her upcoming passion piece, Sweet 15 (think Sixteen Candles with a Cuban-American spin and without Molly Ringwald) and gives some sound advice on how to increase lesbian content in the entertainment industry.  

I’ll give you a hint: it involves money and not complaining.

For more info on Anna Margarita Albelo, check out her MySpace page.

Brunch With Anna Margarita Albelo
(Brunch With Bridget,
Episode 62)

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