Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “Deal Breakers” (Episode 31)

Everyone has their line, characteristics or behaviors you just can’t abide in a girlfriend. And usually one knows, right off the bat, if there’s going to be a problem. So this week, we discuss our own dating and relationship deal breakers.

While there are some fake deal breakers (for instance, does your height requirement really matter if she’s smoking hot?), the real ones should be noted. You’ll pay the price if you ignore those red flags, which for us include dates with bad table manners, secretive behavior and too much "grown-up talk."

If you get past the dating stage and head for a relationship, there’s a whole new set of rules to consider. We talk about the likelihood of making it really work with someone if your relationship deal breakers (like bad kissing techniques, invasion of your privacy, and anger management problems) rear their heads.

What are your deal breakers?