Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “Online Dating Etiquette” (Episode 40)

This week, Dara and I discuss the importance of observing online dating etiquette. There are many pitfalls to avoid, including the use of misleading photos (or those that feature your friends more prominently than yourself), oversharing, undersharing, and plagiarizing clever quotes from people who are smarter than you.

There are also issues of privacy to consider. Unless your friends need to see some evidence in order to answer the questions, "Do you know her?" or "Do these look real?" it’s probably not a good idea to pass around the photos sent to you by your new online "friend." Would you agree?

What are the rules by which you always abide when dating online?

Dara & Karman’s Hit List “Online Dating Etiquette” (Episode 40)

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