Sneak preview: Season 3 of “Anyone But Me”

The third season of web drama Anyone But Me will premiere its first episode on April 26. First thing’s first: Here’s a look at what we can expect.


Executive producer Susan Miller knows you have questions. “I think the preview will stimulate fans and give rise to speculation,” she said. That’s for sure! What’s going on with Vivian and Aster? Vivian and Sophie? Aster in general?

Here’s what I can tell you: There will be some new faces.

“There are a couple of new characters who expand the story and who I think the fans will find alluring and interesting,” Susan said.

And someone will be getting out of New York.

“We were doing an L.A. part of our episodes for season three,” Susan said. “It’s truly L.A., it’s truly West Coast. We had some actors who were out there. We really went out of the box again this time, but in a whole other way. Kind of thrilling!”

And the writers are definitely aware of your shipping fandoms.

“You mean all those T-shirts that say either Vister or Sophian?” Susan says. “First of all, it’s fun for us and it’s actually really encouraging that people feel so passionate about the show and about the relationships. We really remain true to what our own vision of what the relationships and the story arcs that we think are really, really representing the characters and what we’d believe they go through and not to forget that it’s a journey here, of young people, so they take some wrong turns, they experiment. Our main point is to be true to the characters.”

This season will have five episodes, largely funded by fans in a fundraising effort last year. New episodes can be watched right here on every other week, beginning April 26, but there will be new content every week in the vein of interviews, behind-the-scenes videos and other fun stuff from the cast and crew.

And for the premiere, Nicole Pacent (Aster) and Rachael Hip-Flores (Vivian) will live chat directly after the episode airs on both coasts. West Coasters can chat with Nicole at 8 p.m. PST and East Coasters with Rachael at 8 p.m. ET.

So while Susan won’t give me any more dish, I asked if I could try and get any out of Nicole Pacent when I see her at The Dinah this weekend.

“If Nicole tells you anything out of school, she will be sent to her room,” Susan said. “But you can certainly try.”

And I will.