Exclusive: Backstage with ‘But She Is My Student’ Actress Charlotte Gould

Exclusive: Backstage with ‘But She Is My Student’ Actress Charlotte Gould

AfterEllen had the chance to snag a few exclusive backstage interviews with the cast of ‘But She Is My Student,’ a lesbian drama currently in production that is based on Kiki Archer’s best-selling debut novelOur final exclusive interview comes from the brilliant Charlotte Gould who plays the twenty-one-year-old teacher, Kat Spicer.

Charlotte is an actress from Guildford who began working in the television and film industry in 2014 after completing a drama and dance diploma. Her career started with commercials and short films for Ridley Scott Associates, River Island (Verso Films) as well as several music videos for well known British and American artists. Since then she has appeared alongside British actor John Hannah in indie feature film Alleycats and a leading role in indie sci-fi thriller Invasion Earth.

She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of But She Is My Student and feels Kat is such a wonderful character who’s loved by so many. Charlotte says it’s an honor to convey her character to screen.

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Below is an exclusive Kat-focused excerpt from the novel ‘But She Is My Student’ (warning: you’ll need a fan to cool off) 

Kat is one of the supervising staff members on the sixth form, post-exam spa day.

Kat lay on the massage table and let the strong, smooth hands soothe away her worries. Her muscles were relaxing, her tensions were easing and she felt the soft music calling her into a state of deep relaxation that she’d not felt in months. She had to acknowledge it; it was the only thing affecting her fantastic time at Coldfield and it needed to be addressed. She re-lived Freya’s energised touch. The breakthrough she thought she’d achieved at Gail’s, watching Bea kissing Freya, had been short lived, and it was getting harder to suppress her growing feelings, and more difficult to restrain her natural desires; especially on days like today where Freya was simply magnetising. She’d been funny and mature, smart and sexy, and Kat had once again questioned the boundary. She let her mind wander as the essential oils penetrated her muscles and delivered a feeling of pure calmed bliss.

Kat had walked from the massage treatment room and past the salt water pool with a new found air of lightness, a far cry from the tense, uptight walk of the morning. She headed into the empty steam room and exhaled. It had been an incredible massage. She sat down quietly and the wet heat caused a bead of perspiration to slide slowly down her chest. She closed her eyes and inhaled the hot air. She heard the heavy door click closed. Freya walked in silently and sat down next to her. Her white tie bikini was displaying, once again, the perfect stomach and smooth skin that Kat remembered, and her heart pounded as she felt Freya’s hand upon her own, climbing her wrist and her arm; all resolve was gone. She moaned as Freya ran her smooth fingers up her neck and deep into her hair, making her body tilt back and arch with desire. There was an intense burning desire in Freya’s green eyes and she kissed Kat passionately, with fire, with a yearning that had been building and building in both of them until this moment; this moment of pure passion where their lips met and their tongues devoured.

Kat couldn’t stop.

Freya smoothly straddled her lap with her knees on the bench, legs either side of Kat’s pounding stomach. She gently pushed Kat’s damp hair back behind her ears and kissed her neck, tenderly, longingly, with her purposeful lips finally reaching Kat’s black bikini strap. Freya delicately slid it off her shoulder, exposing Kat’s wanting breast. She found Kat’s mouth again and gently ran her fingers down her glistening chest, slowly inching further and further until she curved to the side and cupped Kat’s open breast, kneading the nipple with her thumb.

Kat gasped, this was what she wanted. She couldn’t stop it.

Freya kissed Kat’s shoulder and then her chest, with her tongue slowly following her fingers to Kat’s nipple. She took it completely in her mouth.

Kat leaned her head against the damp wall and bit her lip, the pleasure was intense.

Freya moved her hand slowly down Kat’s stomach, gently sliding lower and lower until she reached the top of Kat’s bikini pants. She played with the rim, teasing the material, moving her fingers around the edge, suddenly pushing down and sliding deep into…

Kat jumped up. ‘IDIOT!’ she shouted, opening her eyes and reaching for the door. The cool air of the room hit her hard and bit her burning cheeks. Freya was climbing out of the salt pool and walking towards her. ‘I don’t know how to say this but I just know I have to … you look incredible, Kat.’

‘Well don’t! And it’s Miss Spicer to you!’ she snapped, storming off to the changing rooms, cursing her own foolish fantasy.