The Best Butch Fall Fashion

To carry yourself with that essential butch swagger—THE most important aspect of butchness—you need to be rockin’ your favorite garments. Below are my favorite finds for that timeless look that’ll make women want to date you and be you.


ASOS leather biker jacket

If you’ve never heard of ASOS, say hello to your new fashion best friend. The UK-based company is a treasure trove of unique, affordable garments, many geared towards gender non-conformity. That said, the women’s section is truly atrocious, but as long as you stick to men’s, you’re sure to find that jaw-dropping piece you’ve always drooled over. This jacket is $145 and features a gorgeous collar and zipper detailing. It’s sure to make the femme in your life swoon. If not, returns are super easy, and if you pay a small yearly fee, unlimited shipping is free.


Levis’ plus-sized denim jacket

For those of you with that classic husky frame and bodacious butch bod, try this $80 Levi’s jacket made just for you. If you’re booby, men’s jackets typically fall in all the wrong places. I’ve found it’s worth investing extra in women’s cut outerwear that’s actually form-fitting. This jacket comes in a few different blues, the dark wash of course achieving that slick motorcycle or suave lumberjill aesthetic. This jacket looks casual, is great for layering, and will keep you warm! If you have literally no tits (like me), check out this quilted, sherpa-lined men’s jacket. 

Tomboy X trunks

A good ensemble starts with what’s underneath. Many dykes love Target’s Goodfellow or Pair of Thieves undies, but those come with a men’s pouch. No thanks. Tomboy X is designed specifically for women’s bodies, but admittedly can get pretty pricey. Many of their designs are a little off the wall, too. For a minimalist butch such as myself, I love these sparse, black 3-packs with a smooth front. I like the 4.5 inch length, but for a little more coverage try the 6 inch. The Tomboy X trunks 3-pack is $45, a nice middle ground price for something you’ll wear everyday.


Oxford dress shoes

If you wear women’s shoe sizes 8 and up, you must have a pair of these oxfords. They come in every color imaginable and are under $30! For that price, you’d expect them to be cheap as hell, but they actually have substantial weight and the faux leather looks pretty real! The quality is higher than shoes that sell for twice that. 

Steve Madden chukka boots

Nordstrom Rack has some great items. I particularly love their mid-rise boots. These eye-catching chukka boots come in a few colors, have nice support, and some unique detailing. I’ve bought five pairs over the past couple years and get complimented on them constantly! I think the ankle-height, 5-rivet style of boots is quite attractive—more practical than short oxfords but more sleek than clunky Doc Martens.


Marshalls button downs

What are you waiting for? Marshalls and TJ Maxx have the best men’s button downs in the world. Most are between $12 and $20, with patterns and plaids you won’t find elsewhere. Many of their shirts are slim fit, like this stretch dress shirt. If you like to wear long sleeve button downs untucked, I recommend having a tailor chop a few inches off the bottom and pull in the sleeves. Even with that cost factored in, a button down from Marshalls is still much cheaper than one from Wildfang. Yikes!

Target Goodfellow Cardigan

Layers, layer, layers! Every butch should have a couple chunky sweaters or cardigans in her closet, at the very least, to let your sweetie borrow. They’re one of the most versatile pieces you can own, and a fall essential. This cotton knit Target cardigan is $30 and sure to be your chilly weather go-to.


Carhartt Beanie

When it starts getting really cold, you’d be amazed just how much a hat helps. Carhartt doesn’t mess around—at $15, their acrylic beanies are an Amazon bestseller. With ample fabric, you can wear it loose or doubled up over your ears. It saved my butt cold-weather camping, and comes in lots of nice fall colors.


H&M slim-fit blazer

Whether for a wedding or business meeting, grab one of these lined blazers from H&M. There are a few more fun colors in the store, but at $69, you can’t go wrong with navy or gray. As a “skinny fit,” the length is a little shorter, it’s tapered at the waist, and has narrower shoulders and sleeves. That said, you will need to take this jacket to your local tailor (often at the dry-cleaners) and have the sleeves altered. This cost me $30, and was worth every penny to feel sharp in this modern blazer. Accessorize with a slim tie to really catch a girl’s eye.


Bonus tip!

Once you feel good in what you’re wearing, remember that clothing is only part of the picture—good posture and a confident attitude is everything. Keep your head high, shoulders back, make eye contact, and walk with purpose.