Awkwafina lights up YouTube with her odes to vaginas and NYC

Comedy rapper Awkwafina made a ripple on YouTube a few months ago with “My Vag,” an ode to female genitalia and a parody of Mickey Avalon’s “My Dick,” in which she compares her lady bits to items and concepts held in high esteem. Here are some sample lines.

“My vag a chrome Range Rover / Your vag: hatchback ’81 Toyota.”
“My vag a Beyonce weave / Your vag a polyester K Mart hairpiece.”
“My vag feed the homeless / Your vag date the homeless.”

The track was picked up by sites such as The Frisky and Bust, but then it faded into obscurity. Then a couple of weeks ago she dropped her most recent video, “NYC Bitche$,” a track in which she disses trust fund transplants, douchey dudes, talentless artists, vegans, hipsters, and pretty much anyone in their 20s living in NYC. Example: “NYC bitch, that’s where I come from / Not where I moved to on mom and dad’s trust fund.”

This time, even more pop culture sites started to pay attention, and within days, both videos went viral. Some have even started calling her “the Asian-American Kreayshawn.”

Ladies, pay special attention to the shout out to West Village lesbian watering hole Cubbyhole in “NYC Bitche$.”

Awkwafina is working on her mix tape, which should be released in the next month or two. So far, what do you think?